This page contains faculty development, evaluation, and sabbatical and rank information; provides access to forms where they exist; and lists deadlines where relevant.

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Faculty Development fund

Purpose of Faculty Development Fund
Faculty Development Funds support professional development, individual or collaborative, including projects and other activities that will help advance a faculty member’s teaching or professional career.

The goals of a faculty development proposal may include:

  1. Projects or activities related to professional accomplishment in one’s field of expertise.
  2. Mentoring or coaching support in classroom teaching areas identified as requiring improvement in a faculty evaluation.
  3. Increasing knowledge of media, technology, diversity, or other relevant activities related to teaching.

Eligibility and Application
All faculty members (full-time or part-time) are encouraged to apply for funds by submitting a Faculty Development Proposal Form to the Dean.

Faculty Development funds are available both fall and spring semesters. Applications received before the beginning of each semester will receive priority for that semester. Faculty Development proposals will be reviewed by the Dean.

Faculty Development proposals
Faculty Development proposals under $500 will be reviewed by the Dean; proposals over $500 will be reviewed by the Dean with consultation of the President or Vice President of Finance.

Criteria Used in Awarding Funds
The criteria used by the Dean for allocating funds are: consistency with goals; diversity of projects; balance among a broad range of faculty; availability of funds.
    — from sections 5.14.1, .2 and .3 Faculty Development, Faculty Handbook

Cornelia Endowed Faculty Development Award

Awards from the Cornelia Endowed Fund will be given on an annual basis to one or more faculty to support innovative, high quality proposals for the professional development of Montserrat faculty. Proposals can be for individual or collaborative projects or other activities that advance faculty’s teaching effectiveness and/or professional careers as artists. The award available this year is $500. All faculty, full and part-time are eligible for these awards.

This fund is established by Gail and Ernst von Metzsch, in honor of Ernst’s mother, Cornelia von Metzsch. As a young woman, Cornelia was able to have a university education and later married and raised a family of three children. Her life completely changed during World War II when she escaped with her children to Australia from Indonesia, before Japan invaded the Indonesian islands. She raised her children on her own, before it was fashionable and acceptable to be a single parent, and instilled in them the need for education and a love of the arts. As a result, all three of her children are artistically talented. This fellowship is established as a fitting tribute to her influence as a great educator and a loving mother.

Luz Dorrien Faculty Development Award

Awards from the Luz Dorrien Faculty Development Fund will be given on an annual basis to one or more faculty to support innovative, high quality proposals for the professional development of Montserrat faculty. Proposals can be for individual or collaborative projects or other activities that advance faculty’s teaching effectiveness and/or professional careers as artists. All full and part-time faculty are eligible for these awards.

This award is made possible thanks to the generosity of Carlos Dorrien. Mr. Dorrien is a former, long-time member of the Board of Trustees, a Montserrat alumnus, a faculty member in sculpture at Wellesley College and an internationally known sculptor. This award is dedicated to his mother's memory.

other grant and residency opportunities

Faculty are also kept apprised of grant, exhibition and other opportunities via periodic e-mail announcements from the Montserrat Gallery Office. These announcements are also posted on the bulletin board just outside the Faculty Lounge in Hardie.

Burren College of Art artist residencies


Full-time faculty, continuing part-time faculty and visiting full-time faculty are eligible to be assigned rank if they request a rank and meet the appropriate criteria. Faculty are designated the rank of instructor, if no other rank is assigned.

Eligible faculty who wish to be considered for a change in rank may submit a completed rank form with accompanying supportive material to the Dean by October 1. The Dean’s office may assist faculty in compiling individual records of teaching and service, and shall solicit the recommendation(s) from the relevant department chair(s).
    — from sections 5.12.1 and 5.12.2, Faculty Handbook.

sabbatical leave

Faculty members will be eligible for sabbatical after completing six years of full-time teaching at Montserrat. Individuals will again be eligible after a six-year interval of teaching between the academic year in which they took their previous sabbatical and the academic year for which they are applying.

An eligible faculty member may apply for a sabbatical by presenting to the Dean a proposal for the leave period, indicating the following: a description of the goals of the sabbatical and suggested criteria for judging the accomplishments of these goals; a timeline for the achievement of these goals; a description of the activities that will be undertaken to achieve these goals; a description of the sabbatical’s contribution to the college, the field of endeavor, and the faculty member’s professional development; a description of the method for reporting to the college community on the sabbatical activities.

One aspect of this report to the college community will be a brief written summary of the sabbatical work to the dean. Additional methods of sharing his or her sabbatical may include a lecture, publication, or gallery exhibition to demonstrate production from the sabbatical leave.

A sabbatical may be for one semester, with full salary and benefits provided for the period of the sabbatical, or for one year at half pay and full health benefits. The proposal must be presented by November 15th for either the fall or spring semester of the next year.

The proposal is reviewed by the Ad Hoc Sabbatical Committee (see Section 3.2.5 b on membership of this committee) and a recommendation is presented to the President for final approval. The Dean will also submit a recommendation on the sabbatical request.

Individuals granted a sabbatical must agree to continue a minimum of one year as full-time faculty members upon completion of the sabbatical. Exceptions must be approved by the President.

Criteria Used for Awarding Sabbaticals
The following are some criteria to be considered in judging a sabbatical proposal:
seniority of faculty member;
feasibility of sabbatical proposal;
anticipated benefit of proposal to college;
anticipated benefit to the professional development of faculty member;
anticipated benefit to the field of endeavor.

If a sabbatical application is turned down because of the number of applicants during a year, that application should receive priority among the next year’s applicants. Priority does not guarantee acceptance and that application must still meet other criteria.
    — from section 5.13.1 Sabbatical Leave, Faculty Handbook