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next Faculty Meeting :
Tuesday 5 April, 12:30 pm – 3:00 noon, 201 Hardie [?]

divisions and programs

Studio Arts
division chair, Ron DiRito
Book Arts Bill Hanscom, coordinator  
 Foundation Diane Ayott, coordinator (Fall)
Judy Brown, coordinator (Spring)
 Interdisciplinary Ethan Berry and Stacy Thomas-Vickory, coordinators  
 Painting and Drawing Matthew Murphy, coordinator (Fall)
Masako Kamiya, coordinator (Spring)
Kevin Lucey, technician
 Photo and Video Ron DiRito, coordinator Alex Dunbar, technician
 Printmaking Len Thomas-Vickory, coordinator Alex Dunbar, technician
 Sculpture Marilu Swett, coordinator James Durrett, technician
Liberal Arts
division chair, Erin Dionne
Liberal Arts Martha Buskirk, coordinator (Fall)
Dawn Paul, coordinator (Spring)
 Art Education   Patricia Palmer, Director
Visual Communication and Design
division chair, Mark Hoffmann
A+IM Blyth Hazen, coordinator  
 Graphic Design John Colan, coordinator  
 Illustration Mark Hoffmann, coordinator  


Faculty Committees

Faculty MeetingCharles Boyer, ChairTues April 5, 12:30 - 3:00pm
Wednesday May 11, 2:00-4:00pm
20 August
October 8
November 4
January 11
February 18
Faculty Rep to Board of TrusteesRon DiRito   
Academic PlanningCaroline Bagenal, Ethan Berry, Blyth Hazen, Shanth Enjeti, Dawn Paul (chair); Theresa Skelly (ex of)  
Academic TechnologyGabrielle Keller (chair), John Colan, Francois DeCosterd, James Durrett, Stacy Thomas-Vickory; Cheri Coe (ex of), Jake Snyder (ex of)  
CurriculumJudy Brown (Spring only), Martha Buskirk (Fall only), Mark Hoffmann (chair), Lillian (Harden) Kology, John McVey, Rob Roy; Theresa Skelly (ex of) Thursday 28 January
Faculty AffairsDiane Ayott (Fall only), Erin Dionne, Masako Kamiya (Spring only), Matt Murphy, Len Thomas-Vickory  
Library/GalleryGordon Arnold (chair), Cheri Coe, Tim Harney, Carolyn Kerr, Amy MacDonald  


Faculty Development

Faculty Development opportunities Faculty Development fund (continuing)
Cornelia Endowed Faculty Development Award (1 May)
Luz Dorrien Faculty Development Award (1 May)
other grant and residency opportunities
details, forms
Faculty Self-AssessmentFT faculty entering 1st year of multi-year contract (15 October)
FT faculty continuing in multi-year contracts (15 May)
PT faculty teaching first semester only (15 December)
PT faculty (15 May)
details, forms
AssessmentEvaluation of Faculty by Chairs (15 May)
Evaluation of Chairs by Faculty (15 May)
details, forms
Sabbaticals, ranksabbaticals
details, forms


Other Faculty Resources

Faculty Handbook 2014-15includes academic calendar, organization chart (the latter to be added shortly)  
Academic Calendar 2015-16pdf, opens in new window  
Curriculum FormsCourse Change Form 2012-13     .doc
Requirement Change Form 2012-13     .doc
Policy Change Form 2012-13     .doc
Safety Manualbegins at page 63 (pdf page 68) of the Student Handbook  
Press Release Information Guideuse this form for faculty news, awards, honors, exhibitions  

3 April 2016