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GD 216 Design Stories     spring 07


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Phil Michalenko

This wallpaper is a stylized vector version of paint splatters that are layered on top of each other but are seen as a group of repeating shapes that assimilate into a diagonal wave pattern across the wall. The colors are all close shades and range from light, medium, and dark blue. A blue wash is set behind the shapes to accommodate to the large spatial areas, also it recedes into the background to become less noticeable and blend in with the similar colors.

There are large negative spaces in diagonal forms that run through the pattern, these spaces however may be a distraction from the wallpaper as a whole and may attract more attention than the pattern of shapes themselves. The widespread area of the pattern itself also subjects itself to become more simplistic and clear rather than to be more cluttered and harder to clarify.

Kyle Wilson

K. C. Lee

The wallpaper that I created for class was primarily a joke. It is a reaction to the obsession that people have with putting flowers on their walls. Well, I guess it's a reaction to people's obsession with flowers in particular. The stereotype of the person I envision having floral wallpaper is one who enjoys flowers and being surrounded by something that on some level "feels" natural but is quick to crush bugs and set out ant traps to stifle any nature that may crawl under their foyer door.

My wallpaper employs a traditional look to disguise human genitalia as some kind of typical stylized natural illustrations. If organs can be pretty, is it all right to have them showcased all over your house? I am interested in the idea of what is and is not appropriate within the home. Growing up my mother had our kitchen plastered with wallpaper containing images of still-lives that showed dead waterfowl lying next to teapots and grape vines. I don't think that my genital wallpaper is a far stretch from that kind of imagery. I actually think that my design looks much better.

Morgan Sullivan 1

Morgan Sullivan 2

Michael Kahan 1

Michael Kahan 2

Meagan Bruce

I designed two wallpaper designs, both dealing with culture. One, I took from a more Japanese culture and I incorporated the lotus flower which is a symbol of truth, immortality, and perfection. The second wallpaper that I chose was more of an Indian design. I wanted to have some kind of culture in my wallpaper designs than just having a plain design, which consisted of plaid, stripes, paisley, or a design something along those lines. I also included a border in the wallpaper to see what the wallpaper would look like with a border, and not just the wallpaper itself.

Eli Queen

With this project I've attempted to create a wallpaper pattern that effaces itself as such. Color and scale are employed so that form recedes into the background. The goal is to activate the wall but avoid instance.

White noise.

A background hum.

Scott Hogg

Wallpaper serves what seem to be a contradictory set of purposes. It should make the wall interesting, and yet act as a background for the objects placed in the room. Instead of using the usual methods of creating wallpaper (a specific sequence of imagery), I opted for a modular pattern. A set of six equilateral triangles with varying amounts of positive and negative space. Every one of the six triangles can interact with another type. This allows for an immense amount of combinations depending on the area to be covered.

The process is rather simple. The triangles are applied to the wall one by one. The wall can be completely one person's creation, or a group of people may work together, influencing each other's designs and the eventual design of the entire wall. The wall is also mutable due to the modular nature of the pieces. The process of applying it is also the process of designing it, something that sets it apart from wallpaper. However, if a design needs to be subtle and unobtrusive, that can also be created. It can create regular patterns of any sort, or random and semi-organic forms that follow no laws except their triangular form. In this way, it can function as both a piece designed on the wall and as wallpaper.

Create your own wallpaper. Download triangles here. (PDF, 412k)

Amanda Russell