It may have just happened, it may have occured
Eyes say otherwise
Keep walking with crickets
He sits in the sun his time done
No more mucus to make the journey
In between the road, halfway home
Voting only
Pills the size of my head for cures
The lace may be too far apart
Color changes, time falls
Work to be done, can it be done
The elderly walk unusual
Perhaps it is the decades of injury
Long since married rarely hold hands
Side to side
"Good morning"
Red van
What to think with thoughts lost
The memories buried somewhere unknown to me
Perhaps the dying whom are drying in the sun would know where to find my book
Peach in my pocket
You're already done, side to side
Eyes they tell me otherwise
She does not want this, the fear it overtakes
Intermediate breeze

off to work
bees are off to work
e same laws
en cigarettes
n beacons
s you won't be found
d wetness upon you
y peach
and goodbyes
o new vibrancy
same park
us for the normalcy