Peach in my lap for company
Wave hello to the hacks and coughs
The pilot watches over the horizon
Intermediate breeze
The drivers are off to work
To build to create, bees are off to work
Bikes go by the same laws
Cat calls between cigarettes
Green on green beacons
Lay in the grass you won't be found
Closed eyes and wetness on you
I almost lost my peach
Strained hello's and goodbyes
Perhaps move to new vibrants
Walking in the same park
"I am too anxious for this normalcy."
"Drop it and let me run somewhere new."
"Your dress I have seen a million times before."
"Let me live a little, not for you."
Blazers aren't blazers now
Banana against blueberry, oh... old
"Good morning."

me it's time to go
e sun, in the sun