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2001 and some previous (for which thesis documentation is available)   >   2002
(this is the ragged end, where the archives thin out)

Walter Bosello (2001)
Andrew Carey (2001)
Anthony Cerasuolo (1999)
Jennifer Chapell (2001)
Shane Corso (2001)
Nicole DeCotret (2001)
Alexander Grigoryan (1998)
Kevin Lee (1998)
Bartosz Majczak (2001)
Kendra Matte (2001)
Tom Pasquini (1998)
François Rey (1999)



It was in 2001 that a thesis documentation requirement was instituted for design students. One of the impetuses was a similar requirement at UMassDartmouth, as John McVey recalls. There is however some documentation of work by students in earlier years: this mainly takes the form of completed books or other formats, which were kept as teaching examples. Some of this is included in the listings above.

Other students, from earlier years —
Dave Ball; Mary Bean; Gary Darzano; Chris DeFrancesco; Chris DePietro; Jenn Krevchena; Tara McGrath; Dave Roach; Frank Sarcia; Heather (Sinopoli) Kirleis — each of these contributed to our Design|Clutter volume (1995), that was assigned an OCLC number — 527591420. (This means that all of these authors are forever named at worldcat!)

more to come