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design senior projects, ca 1998-2020

The Design Program maintains a physical archive of documentation of student capstone work. The archive, and this directory and the brief abstracts it points to, are primarily intended for reference by current and future design students as they develop their thesis ideas.

Some further discussion (in progress) here.

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2020 Carlow, Arielle Repeat, Redo, Replay     (robots; stop motion and time lapse animations; music)
2020 Cioffi, Nathaniel Broken Amend/ments; Frustration & Isolation; YOU ARE HERE!, &c.
2020 Cook, Andrew Vulnerability / Be A Man     (gender issues)
2020 Demptser, Paige Nihilist Dogs     (icons; symbols; animals)
2020 DiIonno, Claire Mental Note     (the face; identity; memory)
2020 Fraser, Richard $LICK     (streetwear design)
2020 Funda, May Adrift     (aquatic animals; book series)
2020 Hosking, Nicole Left Behind     (book series, theme of abandonment)
2020 Jones, Rebecca Tell Me, O Muse     (translation, connotation, reading; using Homer’s Odyssey; books)
2020 Mitchell, Cailee Vulva Is Not a Dirty Word
2020 Philips, Zaruga Plait     (Black women’s hair; poetry, drawn and photographic illustrations)
2020 Rudin, Steven Positive Attitude     (promotional materials, comedy stage show)
2019 Bollinger, Cassidy Creature Comfort     (personal mapping)
2019 Chan, Amy Modern Quackery     (conceptual packaging)
2019 Fox, Emily Stitch and Repeat     (repetition, texture, color; printmaking and fiber arts)
2019 Guttadauro, Kara Fibers of Memory     (clothing into paper; memory)
2019 Jones, Jenn That’s Kind of Dark     (book arts; need for light in dark times)
2019 Mainetti, Vincent Modularity     (structural packaging; modularity; wall systems)
2019 Mortimore, Taylor Where Do You Think We’re Going?     (mortality; plastics; toxic trash)
2019 Newhart, N. N. We Were Never Meant To Succeed     (book and other work, relating to growing up with the Bible)
2019 Tricoche, Andrew Seeing Sounds     (hand lettering, music, visualization of speech and songs)
2018 Azevedo, Coral Plastic Vanity     (makeup culture; cosmetics; pride)
2018 Brann, Kaleigh Metamorphosis     (repurposings of glass, metal, &, forms, results photographed/filmed in natural settings)
2018 Burgess, Gabrielle A Hand in Nature     (dried, pressed and live flowers in landscape-like patterns; 3-D letterforms/words)
2018 O’Connor, Morgan Alchemation     (design of tool to encourage variations in character development)
2018 Rodas, Jeremy Momento     (recording, documentation, transformation of cracks in Hardie Building)
2018 Ruscio, Jade Repetition and Configuration     (transformation and arrangement of prints from various fruits)
2018 Ryan, Courtney Cynical     (videos, mainly, including “Wild dads browse local market for things they don’t need”)
2018 St. Laurent, Liam Alienation     (prints, &c., developed from extraterrestrial imagery, photographs of empty streets and rainy days)
2018 Turner, Harrison Corpora     (work about celebrating bodies for their vast differences)
2017 Bonin, Alexandra Augmented Storytelling     (use of AR to tell stories; #reinventthemovieposter)
2017 Bowen, Taylor Open Matter     (letterpress printing, formal experimentation, both thematic and abstract)
2017 Bukva, Adela language, narrative, politics, American drug culture, process     (typography, conceptual packaging)
2017 Chen, Li Yun Tea package design     (creative tea packaging, incorporating traditional Chinese style elements)
2017 Cox, Lauren Intertwined     (exploration of typewriter as creative tool; formal experiments)
2017 Dygon, Katie Patterns with Processing     (work about celebrating bodies for their vast differences)
2017 Feng, Ziyi Changing Lives, Alice in Wonderland     (women in China; photoplay images)
2017 Britney, Payton EAT.In; Writing Error     (food and identity; infographics pertaining to inebriated speech)
2017 Terranova, Chase Strata : family, identity, and collage     (books and installation)
2016 Bentsen, Meg eleMENTAL     (Design and construction of (modular) origami dresses and related objects))
2016 Florez, Mariah Limited Exposure     (snakeskin motifs, variations of and experimental applications)
2016 Hillmann, James Digital Structures     (visual identity for a speculative “Quantum” VR web browsing concept)
2016 Lukos-Algarin, Angel Architypetural / Architectural Abstractions     (abstractions from Boston building shapes)
2016 Matias, Juan creation of the perfect Tinder profile     (a how-to guide for a successful Tinder experience)
2016 Pelletier, Cody album design     (album/CD design, collateral)
2016 Perry, Samantha instinctual vs process     (bird nests, &c)
2016 Rios, Alexandra what’s the buzz     (project devoted to bees, including guide to herbs/flowers that help pollinators)
2016 Whelan, Kayla words and everything else     (language, in particular its imperfections...)
2015 Fujii, Mayuka Illustrated Art School Discipline character design     (personification of academic concentrations at MCA)
2015 Iverson, Alexander memories, Frankenstein     (data collection, visualization (cigarette butts); used copies of Frankenstein)
2015 Manchester, Deborah normal | normality     (experimental books, post-its, other investigations of the idea of “normal”)
2015 Middleton, Sarah Dream Threads     (2- and 3-D diagrams of physical and mental spaces, and threads that connect them)
2015 Pettit, Alyssa Rox Flux : A Geologic Illumination     (organization of data around rocks; space and time)
2015 Rivers, Shelby from quilling, to generative design, to observations of other cars on commute to school... to... dead end
2015 Roswess, Brenda Softcore Books / State of the Codex     (fetishization of the book; what do we want from the codex?)
2014 Bittner, Darek letterpress and other printed books     (Adirondack high peaks; How I Killed a Bear, &c.)
2014 Carey, Joanna Recovery     (phonetics, lines and poetry)
2014 Chin, Whitney Textile Factory     (handcrafted designs for a small personal business; branding and identity)
2014 Foley, Amanda The Art of Storytelling     (sequence of random events, involving coding, language, animations)
2014 Hatfield, Caitlin What defines a hat?     (costume design; structure and reconstruction of hats)
2014 Lares, Caroline Beautiful / Ugly     (destruction of beautiful objects (stilleto shoes); photography, drawings; video)
2014 Reilly, Nico Between You and I     (cataloging of relationship; signs; screenprinting; instagram campaign)
2014 Valcourt, Tiffany Something Once Lost     (collage illustrations; book; puppets based on Brothers Grimm fairy tales)
2014 Varney, Liv letterpress and other printed books     (Adirondack high peaks; How I Killed a Bear, &c.)
2014 Wallace, Rebecca Habitual Chaos     (analytical diagrams)
2014 Yuzwak, Monique Public Enemies     (art directed photographs, book on “bank robbers” (historical and contemporary))
2013 Corrigan, Ian synesthetic     (a system that translates design elements into sound; music)
2013 DiPietro, Gina Space. Form.     (architecture/landscape of Boston and Southern Maine; drawings, photos, 3-D constructions)
2013 Giorgiades, Lauren I Your We / CMYK     (an affectless poetry derived from online diary; color typography)
2013 Lariviere, Nicole The One Afternoon Collection     (fabric design and branding, reflecting colors/textures of Gloucester)
2013 Olech, Tim Journey into a Pixelated Mind     (coded in processing; overlays, coding, projections, sculptural elements)
2013 Robinson, Dana Dreamland     (documentation of dreams in flat (illustration) and 3-D work)
2013 Szilagyi, Alexa Shipwreck, Error, Rope, and Language     (books; posters; rope)
2013 Thayer, Jes Spectral Frequencies / Coalescence / Binaural Frequencies     (psychoacoustics : brain waves and music)
2012 Armington, Brittany map translations     (maps; paper, wood and thread sculptural forms; infographics)
2012 Burt, Zachary The Tortoise, Hare, Dog and Sheep     (cartoon animation)
2012 Giles, Randi Insulae     (drawings, photographs, maps/diagrams/installation relating to Prudence Island, Rhode Island)
2012 Gill, Tiffany letterforms     (“All of old. Nothing else ever. Ever tried. Ever failed. But never so failed. Fail better.”)
2012 Grosvenor, Ari nature of beauty / beauty of nature     (gender, identity; posters, installation; designed objects)
2012 Humphrey, Erin Contradictions     (different cultures/practices of human rights; vinyl wall installation, posters)
2012 Kenahan, Bridget identity through objects /shoes / 21 Years of Consumerism     (autobiographical; 3-D graphs, installation)
2012 Lagesse, Erika Fractal Typography     (various formats, materials)
2012 Martinez, Ruby The Moon     (animation of story by the Brothers Grimm; typographic experiments)
2012 Pierce, Eric Gamepocalpyse     (zines and website providing information on video games)
2012 Wheeler, Lana The Closet     (derivation from drawings of clothing in closet, into colorful jewelry collection)
2012 Winchester, Arielle public words / facebook infographic progress     (social media / statistical visualization exercises)
2011 Brown, Jonathan Gilded Sentry Superhero costume development    
2011 Carroll-Coelho, Sarah Dissection in a Square     (abstractions from Boston-area buildings, flat and 3-D)
2011 Cinarli, Zarah The Loss of Innocence     (development of a symbolic typeface)
2011 DeCosta, Rick Hampton Beach     (photographic essay, in three volumes : the strip, found lettering, derived lettering)
2011 Fiore, Alexandra ZANDRA : The Mixed Media Magazine    
2011 Heinemann, Ariel Naughty Dog; A Girl Named Otis     (brewery concept/identity; collateral materials)
2011 Magnuson, Tessa Digestion     (“To take into the mind or memory; especially : to assimilate mentally.”)
2011 Mason, Lindsey obscurities     (machines, deconstruction of; Characters — costume concepts, design)
2011 Murphy, Autumn When Red Meets White     (retail store lookbooks)
2011 O’Brien, Jennifer Breedism, Abuse and Companionship     (awareness campaign on animal shelter issues)
2011 O’Hara, Kellie layering repetition     (paper, cutting, folding, curling, sculpting; transparences, &c.)
2011 Pomazon, Jordan An Overrated Sense of Sense; The Wry, Raw, Whimsical Wall     (text and image)
2010 Cooney, Courtney Fashion Marche / Marie Antoinette     (collages involving historical and contemporary sources; book)
2010 Davidson, Kate Bad Love     (Spoiler Alert post series; Parlance book pairing film images and classical epigrams)
2010 Surette, Sarah Scrapbooks, scrapbooking     (research on scrapbooking and related practices; participatory scrapbooking)
2010 Stewart, Dan VCTM design, branding     (posters, screenprinting and other experimentation)
2009 Gormley, Brittney Analysis of Dreams through Photographic Self-Portraiture    
2009 Hill, Ashley On the Road     (road trips: books, installation, large-format accordian-fold graphics)
2009 Hogg, Scott symbols, exploration of     (drawings, animations demonstrating molecular non-symbolic basis of experience)
2009 Jackson, Aaron baseball cap designs     (designs for and production of embroidered baseball caps)
2009 Hinkle, Niki (Michael) BTICH (Because True Individuality Can Happen) Bags     (teaser marketing campaign, oriented to women)
2009 Michalenko, Philip 30+1 books     (each devoted to one of Félix Fénéon’s Novels in Three Lines; illustration and design)
2009 Mooney, Scott Allen Momentarily (untitled)     (tart cards, &c, letterpress and citrasolve work on subject of identity)
2009 Niven, Kathy soccer balls     (details)
2009 Troie, Kristin Eat This.     (imagery (on plates, &c.) and books, around meatless foods)
2008 Bruce, Meagan The Clothing Bar     (brand identity; T-shirt designs, beverages, foods)
2008 Kahan, Michael vocation     (letterpress &c. experiments around words homophonous with “Kahan”)
2008 Rello, Justin Out / Lines : A Collection of Fragments     (stories, quasi forensic “evidence”)
2008 Shelton, Sonya HIV / AIDS Awareness Campaign     (photography, vectorized images; posters, installation)
2008 Stopa, Laura mirrors     (in myth, superstition, fairytale, and contemporary times)
2008 Trevathan, Steven Juxta Crucem     (visual poetry; letterpress and other typographic experiments)
2008 Warwick, Emily Dreams     (photographic collages; writing)
2007 Bablo, Andrew Steez mini-mag     (magazine and identity devoted to snowboarding sport and culture)
2007 Hill, Jr. John dots     (experimental: reduce the matter down to the smallest elemental unit)
2007 Lee, K C Random nonsense / misinformation     (use of nonsense as a tool for conveying messages)
2007 Lovasco, Joe line drawings, on flat surfaces and as three-dimensional objects in three-dimensional spaces    
2007 Meyers, Sarah Solarbotics, Quest for the Ancient Mariner     (robotics in the classroom; interviews with retired seamen)
2007 Mineo, Jennifer poetry in the world     (display of short poems in unlikely locations; design/publication of collection of tanka)
2007 Rupert, Kaity Orangutan Valley; As Above, So Below.     (zoo information, design; astrological profiles)
2007 Sullivan, Morgan Fear, Faith, and the Bible     (posters, &c., people holding bibles)
2007 Tari, Jessica Pier 17    (decorative shapes, designs, derived from a guppy)
2007 Toye, Devon Dreams     (Quint Thalassic and other comic books)
2007 Vachon, Peter My playlist 1970; Selective 90s Pop Culture     (booklets, installation devoted to music &c.)
2006 Chipman, Andrew Annotated Transcription     (information design; analysis of conversation; book)
2006 Hoshi, Liya Analogous Quantification : An exploration of numerical analysis using the pixel-based image
2006 Lamb, Allison Copy Magazine     (development of an arts magazine; also, letterpress experiments)
2006 Lombardini, Lisa Punctuate your world; Alternatype     (punctuation in classic literature; work in reaction to popular songs)
2006 Lynch, Timothy Fireside : Building the Fire     (images, stories, music; autobiographic)
2006 Shakir, Adel lost memories     (memories and emotions; MRI scans)
2006 Skarep, Denis Stecaks     (Bosnian tombstones; poetry translations, book, website)
2005 Preston, Corinne (Back) cariña     (development of back story, identity, designs for wine label)
2005 Bailey, Eric Prostitutes are Professional too : an exploration of designer ethics     (critical design practice)
2005 Blank, David Bird Brain, Real Beasts, Four Principles of Design, &c.     (drawings, collages, stories; books)
2005 Cannon, Brian Some people I have in mind     (poster- and magazine-format visual biographies; collage)
2005 DiLeo, Kerrian Artist Clichés     (paper doll motif/format)
2005 Dolabaille, Rene Calypso and Soca Music     (books, posters, fliers, CD package design)
2005 Hayward, Nathan Insect Amalgamations     (digital collages; book, prints)
2005 Jenness, Ben The Holographic Universe     (used handmade holograms to hide messages in book)
2005 Kinchla, Paul Vaudeville Life     (nonsense poetry, in vaudeville-poster style; posters, book)
2005 Kulig, Hedwiga Sofia Hedwiga’s Time Machine     (fictional autobiography; catalogue of mysteriously significant objects)
2005 Lambert, Joseph graffiti-style, stencil-based art, and work derived from summer in Barcelona.    
2005 Levesque, Curtis Singles Covers     (“a wall filled with these 9" x 9" illustrations” of Frank Zappa pieces)
2005 Liu, Chung Heng Imports : Foreigners in Taiwan     (book, photographs, text)
2005 O’Connor, Meghan modus operandi     (from a line of handbags and t-shirts... [to] an overall brand that houses my many ideas)
2005 Pivirotto, Nicole Reformation of Home Textiles, Heart Felt     (details)
2005 Savignano, Brian tractor     (letterpress book, posters, huge wall installation)
2005 Sexton, Matt Blood and Treasure     (clothing for surf/skate culture; branding)
2005 Shover, Luke title     (details)
2005 Stepanova, Nellie Fieldtrip     (title sequence for film; animated logo for “Cotica Productions;” posters)
2005 Theriault, Ron Shodokan Dojo, “Exitosus”     (book about Salem Kendo; design of a typeface)
2004 Acampora, Nicole Color Therapy Kits     (informational pamphlets, candles, light bulbs, eye glasses, herbal mists, &c.)
2004 Amaru, Michael Just Receipts, Marine Dreams     (the romance and expenses of restoring a Chris Craft boat)
2004 Burtsell, Briana Local Histories : Common Events, Private Lives     (sharing stories, connecting with elders; interviews)
2004 Chalmers, Kathryn Emotional Shorthand Workbook; From Lust to Love     (symbol system to code emotions; film posters)
2004 Cole, Casandra College Communications     (research and development of specific proposals)
2004 Colocouris, Mike Beautiful Things     (photocopied books... around themes of attention, deficit, design, disorder)
2004 Fukui, Hitomi You Say, They Say; Expat Cats     (American and Japanese perceptions of everyday things; children’s book)
2004 Jipson, Ellen A in Architecture     (book about the “A” form in architectural structures)
2004 Keating, Chris Money     (identity, advertising and package design for a line of aftershave and cologne)
2004 Kelly, Bill Tim Sun’s Rhode Rat     (Kustom Kar Kulture magazine design: car restoration project and jalopy jamboree)
2004 Lacombe, Cameron Quantum Graphics; Super Dinosaur Land     (experiments with pixelization; game and game package design)
2004 Macdonald, Sarah Little Red Rider from the Hood     (story, illustrations and design)
2004 Marcotti, Sheri Women’s Self Image and the Media     (development of content and informational website)
2004 Mesiti, Georia Know your food.     (awareness campaign about genetically modified foods)
2004 Rakowski, Kelly title     (documentation missing)
2004 Williams, Ryan Breast Cancer Awareness     (information design focussed on importance of preventative testing)
2003 Cawrse, Sara StarSeed     (identity and merchandising for business offering polarity massage, yoga, and foot reflexology)
2003 Dello Russo, Dave Synaesthesia     (Orange Line animation of Dave’s Brain Guided Tour, &c.)
2003 Dullea, Chris (Winders) Torn     (experience of growing up as a multi-racial (Irish-Hawaiian) individual)
2003 Hanscom, Bill Dumb Angel Smiles     (typographic and other experiments relating to “the Beach Boys’ album Pet Sounds”)
2003 Henry, Melodie Dispelling the Stigma of Schizophrenia     (promoting social awareness of this condition)
2003 Johnson, Mary Lipstick     (documentation lost)
2003 McGrath, Kaitlin Casa Bella, Pysany     (identity of business selling gift baskets for “people who have everything;” Ukrainian Eggs)
2003 Robertson, Dave Singular Icons     (story of how small things contribute to global warming)
2003 Romagnoli, Gian A Wasteland Paradise     (reflection on experience of being away from home; book)
2003 Rustic, Beck bag lunch     (identity, packaging for (actual) line of “bath products that smell like food”)
2003 Tallos, Nell the half-tone dot     (transience, estrangement, impermanence and displacement)
2003 Toher, Robert Transient Flourishes     (video and sound piece, packaging, posters)
2003 Wada, Toshiyuki ImportExport     (research and informational website relating to MiniDiscs, that are/were popular in Japan)
2003 Zevitas, Sandra The Typographic Anatomy of Garamond     (book, posters)
2002 Adamowicz, Andrew coffeemaker     (product design; prototype; advertising)
2002 Cotte, John Modern Continental     (identity redesign, applications)
2002 Fletcher, Luke Gentleman’s Fiction, Beowulf     (magazine vehicle for creative writing; book design)
2002 Hurley, Jason Creature Company     (business plan, development, identity, packaging of a line of premium pet supplies)
2002 Ialynytchev, Greg packaging; illustrated learner’s dictionary; informational website on sadness (vs clinical depression)
2002 Jarnes, Lorraine Why We Vote the Way We Do; I Regret Nothing and Other Life-Sustaining Illusions (book content and design)
2002 Litvinov, Karina (Molla) Riga, Land of the Dead     (typeface design; bilingual (English and Russian) book on a gulag prison site)
2002 Marchand, Alaina Laurel K. Hamilton book covers
2002 Pandapas, Sarah (White) Shirts Off in Advance; Discord Records     (punk band identity; graphic standards manual; annual report design)
2002 Riskal, Demitri Guitar Basics     (development of a guide to playing guitar)
2002 San, Savath Richardson Electronics; Sin Si Samuth     (identity redesign; website devoted to Cambodian singer)
2002 Souza, Allison Abandonment     (series of books on different senses of abandonment; text, photography)
2002 Sullivan, Crystal C21 Cosmetics; Pigeons & Gargoyles : Twelve Nights in Paris     (identity design; writing and design of book)
2001 Bosello, Walter box lamp, keyboards and the humanity of keyboards     (product designs, deconstructions)
2001 Carey, Andrew Reading Images; What does one need to become a designer?    
2001 Chapell, Jennifer Conversations with God; library wayfinding system     (bookdesign; wayfinding/signage)
2001 Corso, Shane I want to change the world; newspaper tragedies     (awareness campaigns; books)
2001 DeCotret, Nicole Play in the child development process     (education; letterpress experiments)
2001 Majczak, Bartosz Sacred Geometry     (visionary artists, inventors and writers)
2001 Matte, Kendra books, bookness — definitions of the book     (book design and experimentation)
1999 Cerasulo, Anthony Joshua; Being First Born     (writing, illustration and design of books)
1999 Rey, François The Dalblair     (book, &c. on shipwreck of three-masted ship off the coast of Mauritius in February 1902)
1998 Grigoryan, Alex Emerald City | train of thought     (typographic and visual presentation of poetry)
1998 Lee, Kevin design | processed | design     (typographic and CMYK printing experimentation)
1998 Pasquini, Tom Swamp Foot     (story, illustration and design co-creation with Richard Bradish)

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