2017-18 Celestial Debris thesis show, April 17-20
Kairos thesis show, November 27 - December 1 (Burgess)
Coral Azevedo

Fall 2017
Spring 2018


Plastic Vanity

The title suggests a positive take on two words that can be seen as negative around makeup culture. Plastic is one of the materials I'm working with that can also be used to describe a made-up face, a traditionally negative term that people are starting to embrace. The word vanity means pride in one's appearance as well as a word for a makeup table.

Kaleigh Brann

Spring 2018

at lightbulbstudio


I want to study how artistic mediums such as glass, metal, paper, textiles, etc. begin in a natural state and are created into useful or useless items by humans. I hope to then take the medium and return it back to an origin by weaving it in as if it belongs in nature. My forms will be land art and then photographed for display.

at left
using ink drops. This piece is based on a pin I got during a college tour my senior year of High School — The top of the pin is green while the bottom, rising to the top is black. This pin represents the dying of the environment. I tried to create my own spin on this using my GIFS and the same colors of the pin.

Gabrielle Burgess

Spring 2017
Fall 2017


A Hand in Nature

This thesis work features a combination of dried, pressed and live flowers arranged into landscape-like patterns, creating a narrative symbolizing progression. My work appreciates the tiny, insignificant details that exist within nature and celebrates each unique plant item and its natural patterns. The composition allows each little plant piece to stand on its own and... placed mindfully in several large compositions...

earlier (Spring 2017) forms of the project (then called An exploration in three dimensional letterforms) involved creation of letters and (English and foreign) words from objects (natural forms (e.g., leaves), consumer projects (e.g., cigarette cartons), wax, wood, string, etc.

Morgan O'Connor

Fall 2017
Spring 2018



I have created a tool that will open creative possibilities. Fantasy as a genre offers so much freedom to do a creative mind, but it's too often that things from other fantasy works are recycled and featured in other stories. A major subject of this repetition is fantastical creatures. It feels as if there is a finite list of creatures allowed in a fantasy setting (minotaur, werewolf, vampire, elf, etc.) when in reality the space allowing those toying in the realms of fantasy is infinite. My goal with this thesis work is... to get [people] thinking far outside the box and straying from the bestiaries of Tolkien, Dune, and other widely popular fantasy world.

Jeremy Rodas

Fall 2017
Spring 2018


A reflection of the past and the future, by gathering information on Montserrat's Hardie Building, and the cracks formed within it. The cracks are representative of the effect we — students, faculty, administrators — have on the building.
The main form of documentation was through photographing multiple cracks in the building. These photos led to vectorized cracks, and then to 3D printed pieces of the cracks...

image : Animation Room, Hardie 306

Jade Ruscio

Fall 2017
Spring 2018

Repetition and Configuration

Repetitive mark making and the arrangement of vector elements in a particular form. Abstract objects have been created by imprinting fruits on paper, followed by a graphic process of combining, manipulating, and rearranging these forms. Focusing on the use of texture, color, space, and form.

image source : Conjoined Forms II

Courtney Ryan

Fall 2017
Spring 2018

The perfectly normal and ideal life they feed you is a lie. Finding your place in society isn't as simple as landing that job or finding the love of your life and neither is the fulfillment we expect from reaaching these goals. Human life... is full of complex expectations set in place by a society that is constantly changing yet somehow remaining the same.
This project is about accepting, or rejecting, these disruptions and trying to keep pace with the changes in life without drowning. Take a peek into the inner thoughts and daily life of the Unconventional. Decide if you accept or deny the mundane life that we have somehow been convinced to chase.
at left —
screen shot, Wild dads browse local market for things they don't need, 2018 (first episode, finalized version)
Liam St.Laurent

Fall 2017
Spring 2018


...uses extraterrestrial imagery and photographs of empty streets and rainy days to explore the artist's relationship with feelings of isolation. The photographs capturing singular moments in time are offset by screen printing, where the individualized nature of each hand-pulled print reflects the turbulent nature of life.

Harrison Turner

Fall 2017
Spring 2018


Often times the casing we live in is labeled, criticized, and packaged to look a way that meets the "ideal" in America. But what is this "ideal" that is so intensely pursued and gawked at? What does this mindset do to us on a deeper internal and physical level? Why aren’t we already this view of "perfect" the way we were born? My answer to this was to create work about celebrating bodies for the vast differences. We live in our bodies for the entirety of our lives and they bare all of our experiences. With each small detail we may see as flaws, there are actually stories behind them that allow us to share our human experiences with one another. We as a culture should be lifting each other up and recognizing that all of us are unique no matter where we come from or what consequences of life our bodies reflect.

      2016-17 Leftovers thesis show, November 30-December 2, 2016 (Feng, Unwin)
SCHEMA thesis show, March 27-31
Alexandra Bonin

Fall 2016
Spring 2017

Augmented Storytelling

It all started with movies...
...exploring how augmented reality can be used in conjunction with printed media to create an enhanced experience. I am very interested in using AR as a means of telling a story and adding extra elements to a story that it otherwise wouldn’t be able to have.

fall semester —
initially devoted to making movie posters more interesting and actually relevant again #reinventthemovieposter

Taylor Bowen
(Book Arts)

Fall 2016
Spring 2017

Open Matter
An exploration of letterpress printing that uses simple manipulations such as masking, rotation, and layering to develop abstract compositions that obscure the original letters and bring more focus to the new forms created.

Fall 2016
project started with letterpress-related work dealing with themes including human trafficing, the 2016 election, and Cesar Chavez, but eventually moved into more purely formal experimentation.

Adela Bukva

Fall 2016
Spring 2017


language, narrative, politics, American drug culture, process.
book cover design, package design;
creating language, controlling language.

fall 2016
1984. books records film. found vocabulary. assembled prose. blackout writing. newspeak studies.

spring 2017
first aid kit. medical packaging.

Gabrielle Burgess

Spring 2017

An exploration in three dimensional letter forms

individual letters; familiar letters; floor work (contextual); wax letters; foreign words (wabi-sabi, petrichor, pabitel, tuska, han, fado, yugen)

I would like to remind people of the beauty and peace that exists within nature by making 3D letterforms out of gathered materials including but not limited to materials found in nature. The letters will spell out words that were carefully chosen and researched for this project specifically. I had originally set out to find origins of specific words and find their roots so to give a broader definition, but after researching the topic of what sort of words should be the highlight, I found myself interested in words of other languages that have no translation in english...

Li Yun Chen

Fall 2016
Spring 2017

Tea package design
Combining Western and Asian cultures to design creative tea packaging.

Tea package design for lotus tea, plum tea and aloe tea. I wanted to put Chinese painting style elements, and combine western pop culture in the package design. The plants that I chose all have significant meanings in Chinese culture.

Lauren Cox

Fall 2016
Spring 2017

exploration of the typewriter as a creative tool, apart from its formal communication function.
overlappings and intertwinings of letters to create different tonal and values and abstract shapes.
experimented with typewriting on old ledger and other antique papers, and on fabrics; also, red and blue, in addition to black, ink ribbons (and combinations of these).

Typewriter Drawings (2017) available via blurb

Katie Dygon

Fall 2016
Spring 2017


Patterns with Processing
Making patterns through generative design, recreating them in other e-textiles and technologies, for the surface design of women's clothing.

Fall 2016
project involved both gaining facility with Processing, and designing women's apparel

Spring 2017
apparel design was put aside, to focus on generating designs for scarves, headbands and other accessories, which are available through Katie Dygon's Spoonflower shop.

Ziyi Feng

Spring 2016
Fall 2016

Fall 2016 : Changing Lives: Women in China
pairs of icon-like images comparing similarities and differences of Chinese women's lives, past and present.

Spring 2016 : Alice in Wonderland
Development of stories relating to the Chinese phenomenon of 碰瓷儿 / peng ci'er (to break or bump porcelain") which is a kind of extortion racket in which individuals feign or even cause damage to themselves, in order to extort money from innocent people, including "good samaritans.
Developed many drawings, scenarios, photos (as at left) and something like a photoplay.

Britney Payton

Fall 2016
Spring 2017

My thesis explores food and identity. Cooking a meal is one of the most personal and intimate things you can do for someone. You're literally providing plated nourishment made with your own hands and creativity — even if you're following a recipe. You picked the recipe and planned the meal, didn't you? ¶ Eating is essential, a common bond that connects all races, nationalities, and backgrounds. There's also something about the primal nature of it that encourages us to relax, and be ourselves.

Fall 2016
Writing Error.
Drunk dictation focuses on languages as well as the speech of victims under the influence, in chart/diagram format.

Chase Terranova

Fall 2016
Spring 2017


Strata : family, identity, and collage

My thesis explores what gets passed down in families; the stories and memories of a family that make up its history, and the concept of self as a result of those things.

sources: four family photo albums, arranged/annotated by a grandmother. interviews.

from "Conclusions" in the process book —
In the past two semesters I have conducted a whole family research project, learned about things ranging from genetics and psychology to poetry and memory. I've learned more about my family and about myself in turn... I used design thinking every step of the way, even if I wasn't physically designing something...

Devon Unwin

Spring 2016
Fall 2016

Fall 2016 : RECURSION
further investigation of algorithms, involved revisiting and extrapolating from 2D foundation work; also 3D renderings; 3D printing; and a pushpin mandala installation, based on the fibonacci series (installation view, in "Leftovers" show, at left)

Spring 2017 : FRACTAL
Observed fractals and where they exist in nature. Originally I wanted to explore the idea of taking something from nature and converting it to a digital medium. I wanted to create something that others could interact with to show the chaotic yet structured basis of fractal patterns.
fractals (what are they? where are they in nature?), crystals (grew them), and hacking nature's code.

Elise Walsh

Fall 2016
Spring 2017

Fall 2016 : Finn and Oona
Designing and Branding a company called Finn and Oona, which is focused on exploring and experimenting with the natural dying process. I will be developing and creating a series of products that are on trend with color and design. Utilizing the local community to source wild flowers as well as food remains to use for dye; also farms and local businesses to use for dye material.

Spring 2017 : Extracting Color
A thesis on exploring and expanding the process of natural dying. I have explored and experimented with more then ten different dye goods while using a wide array of different kinds of fabrics. We can make every color the rainbow with just plants that we find in our backyard. I also learned and explored how food waste can be used as dye material...

      2015-16 Nonagon thesis show, April 18-22
Meg Bentsen

Spring 2016

Fat Rabbit Creative


design and construction of (modular) origami dresses and related objects

Mariah Florez

Fall 2015
Spring 2016

Limited Exposure
posters, (experiments in) bubble pack art; watercolors; photos...

Developed ways to use the natural beauty of snakes to encourage the general public to become more open to repecting and accepting reptiles... Someone who already has negative associations with snakes, perhaps because of negative past experiences, might not her my message. And so I would like to use my skills as an artist to create things that... create a level of empathy in my viewers in order to shed light upon the unfair consequences created by the Lacey Act of 1920. ¶ I don't need every person who views my show to come away loving these animal as I do, but perhaps some can walk away thinking twice about their hatred or fear of them.

left: poster detail

James Hillmann

Fall 2015
Spring 2016

Digital Structures

open source, open access, transparency, structure, container-vs-content — these were key concepts throughout the year, though a large number of exercises, many abandoned along the way. social media interfaces; typeface; SciFi sketches; music visualizations; an unreal interface; and various tool (and multi-tool) concepts.

The final project was the visual identity for a speculative Quantum VR web browsing concept.

left :
gallery installation view

Angel Lukos-Algarin

Fall 2015

Architypetural / Architectural Abstractions

first semester involved exploration of 3D design and interaction, and "walking around" objects and virtual buildings (using a video game developer tool). This lead to a focus in second semester on 2D.

Took photographs of buildings in Boston, which became the basis for progressive abstractions into simpler shapes. Project focused on line, shape and space; some of these forms were scaled up for installation in the Nonagon thesis exhibition.

Juan Matias

Spring 2016

creation of the perfect Tinder profile

The reasoning behind my decision to focus on Tinder came from my theory that this application is the future of relationships. It is predicted that by the year 2030, 60% of all American relationships will be started online. Whether or not one agrees with the morality of it... it's a topic that shouldn't be ignored. My thesis consisted of a how-to guide that basically holds the reader's hands through a successful Tinder experience.

at left:
model bio photo (source)

Cody Pelletier

Spring 2016


Album Design

The initial concept was not what I have here today. Things changed and things happened. The result of all this has been five album designs, three shirts, two posters, and one cool GIF.

the albums: Earth Wind and Fire; Kid Cudi; G-Eazy; Goldie Glocks...

at left:
shirt concept (front)

Samantha Perry

Fall 2015
Spring 2016


instinctual vs process

The project is about form, structure and the creation of bird nexts, in relation to human design of nests. ¶ Birds have a natural instinct to build a certain next. There is one singular purpose... to attact a mate and lay their eggs... Birds obtain the materials that are around them to construct the form. ¶ Humans have no purpose in building a nest...

The end result of this project is to have people think about the instinctual process versus the design process...

at left:
last abstract nest drawing.

Alexandra Rios

Fall 2015
Spring 2016

what's the buzz

fall semester: experimented with different things involving the honey bee crisis, including learning which herbs and flowers that attract pollinators, the foods that we will lose if the bees die off, how to make seed balls and seed paper, &c.

spring semester: create a fully functioning info graph that lists all (or most) herbs and flowers that help pollinators and also helps newbie/professional gardeners decide what to plant in their gardens and how to do so.

Detail of diagram at left: follow that specific plant's circle through seven categories: herb/flower, fragrant/scentless, whether or not the plant flowers, if it is used in cooking or has medicinal uses.

Kayla Whelan

Fall 2015
Spring 2016


words and everything else

first semester: I am exploring language, in particular its imperfections... "The Letter of Lord Chandos" by Hugo von Hofmannsthal spoke to me deeply... I am taking the text apart and putting it back together, often in ways that make it partially or completely illegible... Building off this text, I am exploring what the next stage of the crisis of Lord Chandos would be. That's where the poem "What is the Word" of Samuel Beckett comes into play.

second semester: I am going to explore typography in a pseudoscientific manner, drawing inspiration from molecular typography (the creation of Woody Leslie) and geologic typography (the creation of Eric Karnes)...

at left: one of several high-resolution scans of the letter A, zoomed and cropped

Mayuka Fujii

Spring 2015


Illustrated Art School Discipline character design

personification of academic concentrations (majors) at Montserrat College of Art.

at left, "graphic design"

Alexander Iverson

Fall 2015
Spring 2015

own website


memories, data collection
documentation of 306 cigarette butts encountered during walk from the Hardie building at 23 Essex Street to 197 Cabot Street; development of visualizations.

collection and analysis of used copies of a single edition of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, and visualizations and derivations from those.

Deborah Manchester

spring 15


normal | normality
books and other investigations
My thesis explores how people perceive and interact with the concept of normality on a societal and personal level, and the complex issues raised by having an idea of normal.
Sarah Middleton

Fall 2014
Spring 2015


image —
show installation, detail

Dream Threads
(originally : Bookmarks, placemarks, indexing)

surveying and mapping different types of spaces such as physical space (Billerica, Beverly) and mental space (my dreams). Both of these physical and mental spaces have emotional dimensions to me (personal history, relationships, memories, etc.). Between these spaces I will seek to identify linkages by means of tagging and classification... These tags, along with graphic and diagrammatic devices will provide means to connect and discover connections between these diverse realms.

two- and three-dimensional diagrams to give visuals of the information gathered from these physical and mental spaces, and the threads that connect them.

Alyssa Pettit

Fall 2014
Spring 2015


Rox Flux : A Geologic Illumination

This project centered around the collection of specific rocks. Each rock was obtained in sync with particular life events, and provided information relating to them. This thesis generalizes the correlation of life in real time with inanimate stones and the general study of information design. Each rock provided data such as date, time, location, color and shape. The organization of this data illustrates the meaning of age and time, and is depicted through collage, digital illustration, and photography.

Shelby Rivers

Spring 2015
Fall 2015

title, description

from quilling, to generative design, to observations of other cars on commute to school... to dead end, to getting lost, to stuff in cars in a junk yark ("I was feeling ambitious this week"), to an inventory and careful sketches of all the stuff in Shelby's car.

at left:
camera in back seat, passenger's side.

Brenda Roswess
Book Arts

spring 2015

softcore books statement
cargo collective

image —
detail from Saddle Gals, here

Softcore Books / State of the Codex

Softcore Books explores contemporary relationships to the codes in the digital age, through performance, videos and books. The work exists at the intersection of two elements:
1. The responses to ebooks in 2010, arguably the most charged moment for books post-internet.
2. How the network engages with the codex, through the scope of porn (i.e., Food Porn, Closet Porn, Shelf Porn, Library Porn, Book Porn.

Softcore Books wishes to fetishize the book, to be intimate with it, to show it with all the soft-focus, dust and water damage possible in hopes of beginning to understand what we want from the codex.

      2013-14 Going for Broke thesis exhibition, March 17-21, 2014
Darek Bittner
Book Arts

spring 2013
fall 2013

High Peaks


including —
Avalanche Slides of the Adirondack High Peaks
(book, cards, tumblr blog)
Untitled (Good News)
(flexagon format book of text derived from old Adirondack newspaper clippings)
How I Killed a Bear
(pamphlet stitched book with accordion fold)

letterpress printing; maps

Joanna Carey

spring 2014
fall 2014


Phonetics, lines and poetry.
These three subjects are connected to each other.
The words within poetry, decomposed into letters,
letters decomposed into vowels/consonants
with specific sounds for each letter;
all dictated by lines and markings.

in progress, Fall 2014.

Whitney Chin

fall 2013
spring 2014


Textile Factory

revised statement:
I will continue to work on my handcrafted designs for a small personal business. These pieces are one-of-a-kind luxury items made from natural, high-quality materials and created with strict attention to detail. I am designing for a younger generation of home decorators with an eye for unique style, an appreciation for quality, green/sustainable living, and art. My branding/identity strategies will reflect these points which will be finalized and used in future retail.

Amanda Foley

fall 2013
spring 2014

The Art of Storytelling
I wish to illustrate a sequence of random events with a single character using a specific coding system. All of the codes will be animated and the actions that take place will reflect both the character and the environment that controls them. The code language will be included as a montage of voices as the character moves. The animations as well as the coding language will dictate my character’s daily life like words and illustrations would dictate a picture book.

tools: pencil, paper, processing

Caitlin Hatfield

fall 2013
spring 2014

What defines a hat?
Is a hat just an accessory, or can it be something more? How far can one distort the structure of a hat? For this [Spring] semester I want to explore the make up of a hat. Some hats allow the wearer to blend in and others allow the wearer to stand out. I have always held this accessory dear to me... I want to focus on reconstructing the form of a hat and the wearer’s interaction with it. I want to leave how the hat sits and attaches to the wearer open ended; this will allow each wearer to put his/her own spin on it.

initial idea : costumes

Caroline Lares

fall 2013
spring 2014

shoe deconstructions, photography, drawings.

initial idea: wearable technology
passages: pain and pleasure

Nico Reilly

fall 2013
spring 2014

Mixing digital and traditional methods I will portray the most influential person in my life by cataloging our relationship.

passages: wood carving (signs); screenprinting; social media #betweenyouandi, instagram

Tiffany Valcourt

fall 2013
spring 2014

Something Once Lost
collage illustrations, book, puppets

text : Grimm Brothers fairy tales

Liv Varney

fall 2013
spring 2014

Young Fellow Clothing
T-shirt design (unique screenprint collages), other apparel (caps), branding; marketing

evolution : screenprint collage experiments (October 2013)

Rebecca Wallace

spring 2013
fall 2013

Lead Graphic Designer, Cybba Inc.


unpack the utterances in which habit is embedded, and then decontextualize and recontextualize them by typographic and other means

initial idea: visual chaos, conscious/subconscious, visual stimulus

text: William James, Principles of Psychology (1890)

Monique Yuzwak

spring 2014
fall 2014

Golden Age of Crime / Depression Desperadoes

Learn more about a subject that I know only little about.
Take the information I learn and tell something more than just the history;
try to approach the content in different way.
Take the design of the past and relate it to today

in progress

Ian Corrigan

spring 2013

synesthetic develop a system that translates design elements directly into audio format, writing pieces of music by creating simple but visually pleasing designs that will become a score to a piece of music that I will then record and play back.

tools : Max/MSP/Jitter

Gina DiPietro

spring 2013



Together an inseparable reality.
{Unity of Opposites.}

I explore this idea in the architecture and landscape of Boston and Southern Maine via drawing, photography, and three dimensional construction.

media: photographs, cyanotypes, drawings, assemblage

Lauren Giorgiades

fall 2012
spring 2013

I Your We / CMYK

...generated from my online diary during the years 2007-2009. My work contains the words immediately following the words I, Your, & We in every instance that they appear, chronologically. I wrote them in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, & Black, the four colors of offset printing), a symbol of my present & future as a graphic designer. I have washed out the details from my previous memories... [and] created an affectless poetry, lists open to new interpretation & multiple drawings. I learned to create my future with the materials I have gathered along the way.

Nicole Lariviere

fall 2012
spring 2013

The One Afternoon Collection
fabric design and branding

Based on colors, textures and forms of Eastern Point, Gloucester. Scanned and traced photographed textures and forms, then experimented with and derived designs from those. Ordered swatches of each design as well the color chart from Spoonflower as a first test of what everything will look like in production. Designed One Afternoon identity and promotional materials, incorporating photographs taken at Eastern Point.

Tim Olech

fall 2012
spring 2013

Journey into a Pixelated Mind

focus on grid and pixels, led to work with generative art and the use of the Processing programming language.

overlays, coding, projections (onto wall painted (in parts) with clear acrylic glaze). also sculptural elements.

tools : processing, among others.

Dana Robinson

spring 2013

Shuttle Press & Bindery

Dana Robinson Art (portfolio)

documentation of dreams in flat (illustration) work, and three-dimensional design artifacts that will engage the viewer in a more physical way.

project website

Alexa Szilagyi

fall 2012
spring 2013

Graphic Production Artist, AMI Graphics

Shipwreck, Error, Rope, and Language

tall ships (visited); ruins (artifacts from the wreck of the Whydah, also Champlain II; words (Hans Blumenberg’s Shipwreck with Spectator, Herman Melville’s Moby Dick); sailor’s yarns and ropemaking; lines, numbers, patterns; mapping positives and negatives; ship comparisons; ship breaking yards; oil comparisons; rope (making rope); vellum books

image at left : graphic representation of the world’s largest ship graveyard, at Alang, India... well over 100 vessels dotting the coastline, awaiting shipbreaking...

Jes Thayer

spring 2013

Spectral Frequencies
Binaural Frequencies

I’ve been doing some deep research into the science of Psychoacoustics (brain waves and music). By finding the boundaries and following a pattern of frequency behavior, I now have a pattern to follow to induce a state of meditative transience. I would like to couple this audio manipulation with parts of learning, as learning new things is often as hard as letting things go, like the parts of our brains that worry about our own struggles.

Brittany Armington

Fall 2011
Spring 2012


map translations

Maps help us get from one place to another by creating negative and positive space that shows the ins and outs of the environment. I am interested in translating these maps back and forth between three-dimensional and two-dimensional... to gain an understanding of our relationship to our world by pulling away from the original context...

maps; paper, wood and thread sculptural forms; infographics.

Zachary Burt
Animation & Interactive Media

Fall 2011
Spring 2012

animation blog
The Tortoise, Hare, Dog and Sheep

detail from final, hare in final approach...

Randi Giles

Fall 2011
Spring 2012

professional website


First semester :
I walked half the shoreline of Prudence Island and collected things. I brought them to Beverly and started to draw them. I went on a second walk, collected more things, then I organized them. I also found some carvings in the rocks... Eighteen drawings [of a single styrofoam float fragment]. Photographed, collaged and numbered the objects. [Mapped the locations at which objects were found.]

Second semester :
Mainly focused on making the catalog of the objects I collected on my walk around the island and preparation for the senior thesis exhibition, called Proximity.

Tiffany Gill

Fall 2011
Spring 2012

Tiffany Gill Design

Head Graphic Designer at Encompass Consulting


The process is simple enough. First type out the name [or word], then create outlines around each letter, then release the compound paths to give me total control over each individual letterform. Cut up each letterform into various forms and shapes, connect them at times, allow them to flow across the page... sentences... a large, long running mural on a wall, a blueprint of a story untold in a location that gives it meaning, etc., etc.

text :
All of old. Nothing else ever. Ever tried. Ever failed. But never so failed. Fail better.
ex Samuel Beckett, Nohow On.

Ari Grosvenor

Fall 2011
Spring 2012

I am surveying our societies’ perceptions of identity, and their effect on community. My work explores the interdependence of language and human beings by asking the question: can one determine what normal and natural are?

posters; guerilla packaging; dictionary; installation

image : skin/flesh strips, tests

Erin Humphrey

Fall 2011
Spring 2012

Art Director/Designer at Beard & Hound

Erin Humphrey’s work explicates the contradictory practices of government with regard to human rights. The Western concept of human rights as a birthright does not translate the same into other cultures. In a historically Confucian culture such as China, hard work, virtue, and family determine respect and status, not merely being human.

vinyl wall installation, posters

Bridget Kenahan

Fall 2011
Spring 2012

identity through objects /
shoes /
21 Years of Consumerism personal exploration through the... items that I own. My goal was ultimately to confront, document, and catalogue these items based upon their personal value to me. This process was a personal journey which brought the issue of identity through objects, as well as the issues of hoarding. My intentions were to document these things in a way that other people could read and understand, through graphs... and alternative ways the information could be displayed.

three-dimensional graphs, installation, collage, website

Erika Lagesse

Spring 2012

Fractal Typography

I would like to merge my interest in typography, and fractal geometry. A fractal is a curve or geometric figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole. I would like to create letterforms and characters using both digital as well as hand-crafted materials, and then go in and create intricate designs inside of each letter. I intend on using materials such as computer-based illustration programs, sharpies, x-acto knives, cut paper, vellum, etc.

Ruby Martinez
Animation & Interactive Media

Fall 2011
Spring 2012

The Moon
animation of a story by the Grimm Brothers

drawing, storyboarding, animatics
(and a lot of typographic experimentation)

image :
detail of animatic, presented at Lateral Relations show, April 2012

Eric Pierce

Spring 2012

zines and website providing information on video games (reviews, game hints, player statistics, online events, etc.)
Lana Wheeler

Fall 2011
Spring 2012


The Closet

close observation, photographs and drawings of items in closet; formal experimentation with these; derivation of significant forms into a bright, colorful jewelry collection.

Arielle Winchester

Spring 2012


public words / facebook infographic progress
several social media / statistical visualization exercises.
I compiled a list of the most commonly used words from the Montserrat newsfeed on Facebook, from the week of January 16th to 23rd, noon to noon. [Words were charted on a 3D map.]
Over the course of one night I recorded the verbal conversations in my kitchen on an old cassette recorder. During my physical interactions I noticed myself checking and replying to text messages. I wrote down each message along with the snippet of real-life conversation that I was having at the same time.... I wanted the photos to reflect the sort of confusion and glitches that occur while doing two things at once....
Jonathan Brown

spring 2011

Frightful Acts

superhero costume development

image :
Start of the weathering process (April 19, 2011)
I ran it over with my car, beat it with a cinder block, stomped on it, threw it in puddles, spit on it, and put a cigarette out on it. This is only the beginning!

Sarah Carroll-Coelho

fall 2010
spring 2011


Dissection in a Square

an exploration of my personal style of work as a graphic designer. emphasis on line and space, reliance on grid structures. Dissection in a square is a breakdown of the architectural images that I have taken of various buildings in the Boston area. using those images, abstract marks were created rom the lines and shapes visible in the structure. I used architectural model making materials like foam board, needles and string to then create three-dimensional structures.

models :
1 — focus on lines in marks, using white foamcore
2 — lines in marks using white foamcore and needles
3 — focus on color shapes in the marks, using string and needles

Zarah Cinarli

spring 2011

The Loss of Innocence

development of a symbolic typeface, conveying a language of meaning. Two versions: one that was overly detailed and looked more like ancient writing and the other less detailed, inspired from the newer more recognizable sans-serif typefaces like Helvetica.

earlier idea :
showing dreams and questioning why we have the need to interpret them.

Rick DeCosta

fall 2010


Marketing Operations Manager at SnapApp

Hampton Beach
photographic essay, in three volumes :
the strip, found lettering, derived lettering
(all accompanied by John Greenleaf Whittier, his poem about Hampton Beach (The sunlight glitters keen and bright...).

...for one of my projects I had actully made a mistake with the Holga camera by not advancing the film enough. Though it was a mistake, it was a really good one. I was able to get a panoramic/double exposure view of the scene I was taking... I could perform this mistake along the whole strip...

Alexandra Fiore

fall 2010
spring 2011

Art Director/Web Designer, Doerr Associates

ZANDRA : The Mixed Media Magazine has been a goal of mine because of my interest in editorial design. I created ZANDRA with the intention to fulfill all of the different roles it takes to create a quarterly magazine... founder, art director, editor, copywriter, designer, model, and production artist.
Ariel Heinemann

fall 2010
spring 2011

art direction, photography
Ariel Heinemann

Fall 2010
A Girl Named Otis
development of a brewery concept, identity, etc.
Spring 2011
Naughty Dog
extension of the Fall project, to include dog collars, kids t0shirts, baby clothing, wine bags, bandanas, etc.
Tessa Magnuson

fall 2010
spring 2011

align graphic design

To take into the mind or memory; especially : to assimilate mentally

documentation headings :
semester 1 : rhythm, focal point/emphasis, balance; stimulus overload; constraints; chance; Ode to Ellsworth Kelly; visions; machine idea; topographic square dance; constant connection; waste; materials used for altering a dictionary; six and a half inches; the collection is dead; enlargements; untitled anomalies; lists; existential listmaking; public/private; digestion
semester 2 : rebuilding : visions, no dice, public/private; collateral anatomies; new works : need more/want more; family portraits; 2800 people like this; Me, Me, Me; Dear Mrs. Albers

Lindsey Mason

fall 2010
spring 2011


passages 1 :
machines; deconstruction of machines (sewing machine; typewriter); isolation and repurposing of machine parts; dance

passages 2 :
The Work : Wet Shoots; The Work: Metal Extensions; The Work: Characters (The Virgin, The Monk, The Spectator, The Temptress, The Criminal, The Murmurs; The Idiot, The Young Man.

image : postcards (draft)

Autumn Murphy

spring 2011

When Red Meets White
retail store lookbooks

The idea of showcasing how I felt when I walked through a store, through the books. The chaos, the urge to buy everything and the anxiety.

I started out doing literal interpretations of what a store would like like, and over time created look books with each store.

Each store had a theme and different patterns and colors that added to the feel of the lookbooks.

Jennifer O’Brien

fall 2010
spring 2011

Breedism, Abuse and Companionship

posters, coloring books
based on the success stories of rescue dogs I came in contact with... I feel like children have more exposure to pure breed designer dogs and the dogs which I have been using in the coloring books cannot be pinned down to one breed — they are all mutts. I want to expose [children] to the concept of animals shelters while using the coloring books to teach them the responsibility of owning a pet, showing them that each dog has its own personality and habits that you sometimes can’t break them of...
giveaway bags... which contain promotional/informational materials from local animal shelters. I have put together about 300 of these for people to take for free during my show.

Kellie O’Hara

fall 2010
spring 2011

kellioh design

layering repetition

passages :
paper, cutting, folding, curling, sculpting; transparences, vellum; shadows; backlighting
an image of a map that I was attracted to and decided I wanted to use it in my entire body of work

image : experiment, April 2011

Jordan Pomazon

fall 2010
spring 2011


I / An Overrated Sense of Sense
II / The Wry, Raw, Whimsical Wall —
An interactive exploration into context and sarcastic dickery

conclusion of exercise (in gallery show) : 50 (iconic/illustrative) images, and 100 captions (taken at random from local newspaper); viewers could juxtapose these, to consider the resultant combinatory meanings (if any).

selected captions :
Trying to fit a square peg in a round hole
Break every ten minutes
Mostly devoid of poetic whimsies
The Drugs don’t work

Courtney Cooney

high school visual arts teacher

Fashion Marche / Marie Antoinette

What is it about Marie Antoinette? I propose to explore this question by researching her life, her legacy, and the visual evidence of her time. There is an Antoinette obsession that I share with many others, from her time to our own. As I work with this material I will create a series of collages as well as a book incorporating my collages with vector art.

Kate Davidson

digital/print, neon, apparel, illustration
neon noir

Spoiler Alert
a series of movie posters that gets right to the good part, the spoiler. That’s right; a simple glance at the movie poster, and you can get right to the meat of the movie. No actual viewing of the film is necessary... I also would like to create something that will most certainly elicit a strong reaction out of the viewer; I believe creating a normal poster wouldn’t get the same level of response as it would if a spoiler was included.

second semester: Parlance, a book pairing film images and epigrams from moralists like Bruyère and Chamfort.

image :
detail of one poster : Body Heat
You aren’t too smart, are you? I like that in a man.

Sarah Surette


Scrapbooks, scrapbooking

gallery exhibition included scrapbooks, and tables and materials for participatory scrapbooking

image : detail of scrapbook draft, Fall 2009

Dan Stewart

designer at Michael Aram, Inc.

It’s a Revolution / Nostalgia
leading to VCTM design, branding
Brittney Gormley

designer at Cake Creative

Analysis of Dreams through Photographic Self-Portraiture

development of series of photographs relating to / prompted by dreams in the following categories : daydreams, lucid dreams, recurring dreams, signal dreams, epic dreams, nightmares

installation. Nightmare book (spine detail at left).

Ashley Hill Irving


On the Road

My project is based on the various road trips I have taken, as well as the photographs, experiences, memories and stories gained from each adventure.

format :
books, installation, large-format accordian-fold graphics (free-standing, and on wall)

Scott Hogg
The exploration of symbols has been the fundamental impetus for many projects of mine. Symbols are, by their nature more than simply what they are visually. They are attached to an idea which allows humans to communicate over time and distance without using sound. Previously I was interested in developing a visual language that could be understood without needing to learn the language (something untrue of every writing system on the planet right now)...
Eventually I completely destroyed the project and with what was left, rebuilt it. The form it now takes is one focused on symbols that express an idea of universality and the repetition of form in the universe from micro to macro. The animations are a representation of the universal language of the universe itself. The true, naturally understood language that all humans interact with at all times and are themselves comprised of.
Aaron Jackson

baseball cap designs

designs included :
royal flush, purple floral pattern (for women), geometric, etch-a-sketch (shown), (toy) army men, paintball, skateboarding (ultimately abandoned), music, concentric circles, 157 (house number / street address)

some were embroidered/produced

Niki (Michael) Hinkle

Hink Creations

BTICH (Because True Individuality Can Happen) Bags

teaser marketing campaign promoting individuality among women. I illustrated three different bags; The BonaFide BTICH, The Busy BTICH and The BTICH Bandit.

A woman’s bag is her lifeline
A woman’s bag is her freedom
A woman’s bag is her womanhood
Because true individuality can happen

B is an ongoing examination and exploration of self image.

Philip Michalenko

I am developing a series of thirty books (their spines, nicked to maintain sequence, shown at left), each one using as its text one of the minimalist news items written by Félix Fénéon (1861-1944 *) for a Parisian newspaper in 1906; and each one using one of thirty images I have created. Those stories are collected in Novels in Three Lines (2007)... I am treating [my] images in a variety of ways, including cropping, use of small details, and repetition.

The images I am creating collage the lives of the protagonists — their last thought, a nightmare, or how they might have passed away. My objective is to create drama, surprise, afterthoughts. For this, pacing and omission are everything.

The project allows me to explore one idea thoroughly, and to work on variations within that limiting framework.

Scott Allen Mooney

(Momentarily) Untitled

Tard card identity, posters... a way of communicating for casual sex seekers in hopes to develop an underground/cult/sex/scene that will desensitize the taboo idea of sex. Yes ugly people have sex too, deal with it! People are very intricate creatures...

image : tart card (detail), letterpress and citra-solv

Kristin Troie


Eat This.
images and a set of books consisting of meatless food.

As a vegetarian I often get asked what I eat. This project is meant to show that vegetarians eat just like everyone else. I have designed food illustrations in six categories: breakfast, lunch, dinner, veggies, fruits, and sweets. These will be displayed as books involving ideas and recipes for a vegetarian diet. I also presented a select amount of images on plates to better show how the food is standard to everyday life. This project is not a guide but more of a helpful starter for someone who is curious or wants to become a vegetarian but does not know how. I am trying to show people that it is not a difficult lifestyle and with these ideas they can live a healthy meat-free life.

Meagan Bruce

Spring 2008

Graphic artist, The Eagle-Tribune

The Clothing Bar
company identity, and T-shirt designs for adults, young adults, toddlers.
Imagery : alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, foods

image : Cookies Galore, shirt design for company called The Clothing Bar

Justin Rello

Fall 2007

Out / Lines : A Collection of Fragments
stories (based upon events in author’s life), presented with possible relevant items (i.e., evidence).

format : book of (typewritten) stories, and book containing photographed evidence therein referred to.

Story titles: A Bump in the Road; The Ride Home that No One Remembers; Tick, Tick, Tick; You’re Gonna Get the Horns; Slick; Afternoon Cruise; The Wrong Side of the Tracks; The Ride Home that Everyone Remembers; The Almost Empty House.

image : detail from The Bump in the Road, and possibly related evidence, from installation in Human Presence show, November 2007.

Michael Kahan

Fall 2007
Spring 2008

senior designer, Cypress Grove

letterpress, multiple media, installation, etc.

Michael Kahan printed on many envelopes, each containing a photograph of a different person, and a different vocation that is partially homophonous with the name Kahan

image : a passage from Marc C. Taylor’s Erring on one’s name and the task of vocation (the task of a lifetime).

Sonya Shelton


HIV / AIDS Awareness Campaign
posters, gallery installation, involving text and image pairings. Some straight photography, also vectorized images.

image :
Not everyone carries a card. / Addict (detail of poster)

Laura Stopa


Mirrors in Myth, Superstition, Fairytale, and Modern Day References

research, image development, book design

image :
detail, celtic mirror and text

Steven Trevathan

Juxta Crucem
visual poetry
textual and typographic experimentation; digital and letterpress.
formats : installation, book

My brother and I would follow my father and uncle into the woods to look through telescopes. The times we’ve spent looking at the clear, cold night skies are dear to me, as they were group excursions of astral wonder with my family... In remembering those and my recent acts of star gazing, I’ve attempted to formulate images with ideas and become somewhat of a poet.

image : detail, installation done on letterpress
(to / state / tone / gallows / or / a / greater )

Emily Warwick


One idea that I had for my project came about by experimenting with overlapping layers of text. The text was made up of excerpts from some of the descriptions that I received from my peers. By overlapping the dreams but leaving some parts legible, I felt that the artwork reflected the confusing and nonlinear storylines in dreams. ¶ I began focusing more on photographing subjects that interested me and that felt dreamlike. I created several collaged images of that quality using older and more recent photos I’d taken. The manipulated and original digital photographs were not used to represent specific dreams.

image :
juxtaposition detail, from dream poster

Andrew Bablo

Fall 2006
Spring 2007

Chief, Steez Magazine
snow, skate, culture

Steez mini-mag
development of a magazine and identify devoted to snowboarding sport and culture

The project evolved into a successful business, that includes event development and programming

John Hill, Jr.


I am interested in the establishment and adjustment of meaning and visual interest across a sequence of grouped images, each in a disc format. Part of the project has been to reduce the matter — i.e., content — down to the smallest elemental unit, the dot. With minimal space for context and clues within a single uninflected image, meaning is generated by sequencing and the judicious (or accidental) deployment of words.

image : detail from process documentation

K C Lee

Spring 2007

former Art Director, zipcar;
now (October 2014) on his own!

Random nonsense / misinformation
a series of works starting with nonsense posters, then shifting to body of work that uses nonsense as a tool to convey a message.

titles include :
Ganze Macher (false jellyfish, Mary Read bio, etc.)
Gwyneth Paltrow (nonsense celebrity family tree)
History of the (history, with systematically removed content)
Fake Maps (with names of states and countries, mislocated)

Joe Lovasco

Front End Developer at The Boston Globe, Owner at Scout


I want to work with line drawings, both on flat surfaces and as three-dimensional objects in three-dimensional spaces. I will create these line drawings by hand and by other means, including digital and handtools (i.e., computer, band saw)...

formats: laser output, stencils, diecut vinyl, freestanding and wall-hung plywood cutouts.

image : detail of pencil sketch and its digital derivation

Sarah Meyers

Fall 2006
Spring 2007

art and science teacher, grades 2-12


Fall 2006
Solarbotics in the Classroom
Teaching kids robotics in an art classroom combines three of my interests, science, graphic design, and art education. worked with LEGO Mindstorms and ROBOLAB, documentation of process — including difficulties, thoughts, and minor accomplishments — so as to assess age-appropriate unit/kit for teaching robotics in an arts classroom

Spring 2007 :
The Quest for the Ancient Mariner
interviews with retired fishermen/seamen, documentation and map of the process

Jennifer Mineo

Rockport Publishers

Poetry in the World

two parts :
display of short poems in locations like elevator, t-shirt, at a gas pump, to expose people to poetry, in hopes they will be inspired to pick up a book of poems and enjoy on their own.
design and production of Annette Mineo’s poetry — in the five-line form called American Tanka.

image :
cover detail, annette mineo, six sunflowers & an inch worm

Kaity Rupert

Fall 2006
Spring 2007

Graphic Designer at Screen Works

Fall 2006
Orangutan Valley
zoo information, identity, exhibit design

Spring 2007
As Above, So Below.
a book of astrological profiles
symbol development/design, book

image :
detail, alignment correction, Venus (from process book)

Morgan Sullivan

Assistant Director,
Lilliput Early Childhood Center

working on M. Ed.

Fear, Faith, and the Bible

from table of contents, process book:
1   cutting, photocopying, and drawing on the bible
2   went to church, church group. brought home notes
3   took pictures of bible, churches, people
4   books of photos
5   experimented with type and photos
6   illustrated people holding the bible

image :
detail, booklet draft, in process book

Jessica Tari

Pier 17

Through a series of squares, the shape of one guppy will be distorted and contorted to create decorative shapes and designs. Through placement, new forms will begin to emerge. Through arranging them all together, the piece will take on a completely new meaning and possibly tell a story.

I started with a fish / one fish / I blew him up / and turned him around / he multiplied / and became decorative / ␚oǫ ʜƨiʇ ɘʜƚ bib ɘɿɘʜw   where did the fish go? / he swims... / makes bubbles / and floats upside down

Devin Toye

Fall 2006
Spring 2007

Fall 2006 : comic books — Quint Thalassic
...all the small things. The things that make people feel comfortable and uncomfortable on an every day basis. Whether it’s with your job, school, friends, family, girlfriend or boyfriend...

Spring 2007 : illustrated books, installation. titles include:
Skeletal Memories
After Death a Fog
I fucking hate my life
Black Cloud
also, a lot of animations

image : detail ex Quint Thalassic

Peter Vachon

Digital Design Director

My playlist 1970 — 2007

Selective 90s Pop Culture
(booklets for boxed set)


image : show installation view

      2005-06 Sprezzatura show, 2 – 6 May 2006
Andrew Chipman

Senior graphic designer, CBT Architects (Boston)

Annotated Transcription of a conversation.
01.   Annotated Transcription and Conversational Diagram / frames 04-21
02.   Index by Chronological Hierarchy / frames 22-23
03.   Index by Subject / frames 24-25
04.   Early Phases I: Word Web / frame 26
05.   Early Phases II: Working Diagram / frame 27
06.   Statement & Colophon / frames 28-29

This is a factual account of an actual conversation that took place between Ms. Liya Hoshi, Mr. Eli Scott, Ms. Corinna Smith, Ms. Sam Romage, and myself, Andrew Chipman. It took place at approximately 6:00pm on Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2005 in The Montserrat College of Art Bookstore. A tape recorder was used to document the ensuing dialogue...

Liya Hoshi


Analogous Quantification :
An exploration of numerical analysis using the pixel-based image

My interest lies in the numerical basis of these [digitized] memories. If I break down my own collection of memories into its numeral interpretations and use them as a basis for manually creating an interaction beween them, can I design an experience that is analogous to the compound human memory?

formats :
digital files, posters, book, website (the latter since retired)

image detail from process book

Allison Lamb

co-founder, creative director
(candles, oils, soaps, sprays)

Copy magazine
to show the talents and lifestyles of a group of young artists in the Boston area or people of one particular concentration, people who are hungry, go-getters, willing to push themselves to the limits of explosion, and ultimately just love what they do. Through interviews, attendance at events, and inclusion of their work in thesis shows, I have entered these artists’ lives and began to gain a sense of who they are. My hope is to give each artist’s printed pages that same thrill and excitement I have gained while entering their world... Four-color printing, dimensions are 5 x 6.5 inches for easy carrying and [to distinguish the] magazine against other publications.

also, letterpress experiments

Lisa Lombardini


image :
Captain Jack / Billy Joel / 7:14

Fall semester : Punctuate your world
posters, book, etc., working the theme of punctuation, including punctuation (almost) only versions of The Wizard of Oz and Moby Dick.

Spring semester : Alternatype
When kindergarteners make art, they work with immediacy, make decisions and very rarely go back on them... Using an iPod, small sheets of cardstock and a variety of text-based media such as stickers, stamps and stencils, I am creating a body of work that represents the immediacy of my decisions based on my reactions to [popular songs]. This information will then be organized in several different ways to see if there is a subsconscious reaction to music genre, male vs. female singer, length of song, etc.

Timothy Lynch

Owner, designer, Fire Pit Print (design, screen printing, embroidery)

Owner, Canine Camp (alternative dog daycare/dogwalking service)

Fireside : Building the Fire
development and design of a book devoted to images, stories and music from author/designer’s annual ski-trip to Hancock Campground.

related projects included
creation and design of a Fireside compilation album (four discs);
design of Fireside micro-brew beer packaging; and
a set of posters commemorating the annual camps (2000-2005)

image :
detail, beer bottle design

Adel Shakir

Lost Memories :

I am embracing my memories by generating a book using photos that I have taken throughout the years, mainly in the last ten... My goal is to share my memories and emotions of that particular moment in time, with the viewer. An important component of this project is screen printing, that brings an image to life or rather gives it its own. I am also incorporating quotes that are taken from random books and online sources. These quotes come from average people who are also sharing their thoughts and emotions. To unify these images as a whole, as well as to expose the fact that the following comes from one person only, I have included a frame from my own MRI scan. The frame consists of detailed information including; name, gender, date and certain medical measurements of the brain.

Denis Skarep

Customer Relations and Design Manager, Collegiate Press (Northeastern University)

Stecaks — Bosnian Tombstones
translation of, and illustrations for, epitaphs that are inscribed on stecaks
presentation of poems/stecaks (in translation and original language) in book and website

...nothing has changed. I am still eating dirt and converse with my shadow. Year 1204.
Unfulfilled dreams burn like real axe-wounds. ...if you can, do not come. Here you are always alone. (no date)

Dirt and Shadow (project website)

image : detail from page spread
wikipedia entry for stećak

Corinne (Back) Preston

design instructor
School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University

My wines are inspired by my travels in Central America, whose vibrant human cultures and complex natural setting left a deep impression on me, and by California’s justly celebrated wine country. It’s an odd mix for an Indiana girl living in reserved New England. I guess you could say that winemaking is my way of hanging onto dreams, however distant.

Just as wine making begins somewhere far away, in a deep memory of a bus trip through the jungle, perhaps, so it doesn't end with a cork in the bottle. It encompasses the bottle, the bouquet, the label whose colors reflect the passion and palette of Central America, the visual expression of Carina Back Vineyards in every aspect of my business.

Eric Bailey


Prostitutes are Professional too : an exploration of designer ethics

I intend to investigate the relationships and conflicts experienced between the socially conscious individual and the professional graphic designer, with the intent of producing work commenting on various aspects of this exploration. In addition, I plan on, when appropriate, commenting on issues and current events pertinent to my seminar exploration.

I also intend to start up a Montserrat chapter of Amnesty International. Here, it is my hope to find like-minded students willing to help educate and inform the greater Montserrat community.

image : from process book, on ethics of modifying a typeface

Dave Blank

graphic designer at VistaPrint

various books, including Bird Brain, Real Beasts (in Eyewitness nature book style) and Four Principles of Design.

What I intended to do with my time in seminar was to explore all different areas of design. From strict layout to more open and free compositions, I wanted it to be a culmination of what originally made me interested in design — illustration mixed with graphs, charts, and typography, picture books, and analog type compositions. I also got into drawing cartoon animals in my work trying to touch upon the strong influence that cartoons had on me growing up. I was serious about my work without trying to be too serious, which I believe gives me more freedom to move from different types of style and design.

image : detail from Bird Brain.

Brian Cannon

at soundcloud

Some people I have in mind
Poster-format visual biographies of different kinds of people. Magazine format interviews/profiles (abstract) of acquaintances, together with music composed by designer (ween — all request live)

I like to describe my posters as beyond kitsch. I was using cheesy and kitschy design styles as I worked with Photoshop, in a way that was almost breaking the glass ceiling... I normally try to stay away from the computer... The aesthetic worked for me and I needed a new place to go. I came upon the idea to conduct interviews, strictly with people I knew personally, and to create small (comic book-sized?) books containing the full transcripts of these interviews... So we shall see.

image : detail, three-layered beyond kitsch photocopy study

Kerriann DiLeo


Artist Clichés

People are labeled — and label themselves — by the way they look, what they wear, even what they do for a living. We live in a world of stereotypes. We view others and ourselves through mirrors of our memories and prejudices. The same holds true for artist. The stereotypes are there on the shelf: blue hair, baggy pants, and paint-spattered clothing; tattoos, piercings, and toxic smells; cool designer black. I use paper dolls as a means to interact with and reflect on these kinds of stereotypes.

image :
character drawings (selected, detail)

Rene Dolabaille


Calypso and Soca Music
book (writing, photography, design); CD package designs; concert flier, poster...

...opportunity to advertise and inform people... on Calypso and Soca... because of the love and pride I have for this music and my culture. Calypso music, although still very much alive, can be seen as the music of my father’s generation, while its offspring — soca — has become the voice of my generation. Soca is a very high-tempo, party music whereas calypso is more of a laid-back, conscious type of music. Calypso is the father while soca is the son...

book design included typography, photography, and the author’s caligraphy.

image : detail, introduction to Trini to d bone : my love for calypso and soca music

Nathan Hayward

Nathan Hayward Design (painting, too)

Insect Amalgamations
The idea for this project came from something quite small. As I was walking through my house I saw a tiny brown object on the floor. Curious I picked it up and realized it was a beetle that had passed away. My first instinct was to place the insect on my scanner and explore what kind of structure and detail lied within its form. To my surprise the image was detailed enough to see the hairs on its body. But the thing that really intrigued me were the eyes of the beetle and how they were looking straight at me.... Shortly after this discovery I began collecting and scanning more insects. Each one had its own unique feeling. They became very personified. They each were their own character their own person, if you will. To me these insects were beautiful examples of how simplicity and functionality can coexist in some of the smallest organic structures.

Ben Jenness

Summer's End Studios
Tattoos, Illustration, Letterpress

The Holographic Universe
selected phrases, from semester recap in process book:
codes, ciphers, hidden information (steganography) / series of posters instead of a book / sticking with original game plan of making a book / came across the concept of a Holographic Model of the Universe / also came across a way of actually making a hologram by hand... book with holograms in it / some other data that would tie all of these things together a little more / The Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda / Hiding information and the Holographic Universe were now one solidified concept / I wanted the book to have a scientific feel to it / used the handmade holograms to hide a message in the book / about 90 pages with 31 handmade holograms inside...

image : illustration facing introduction to final book

Paul Kinchla


Vaudeville Life
various exercises relating to vaudeville, performance, juggling, playbills, culminating in a series of playbill-style posters suggesting a genre of nonsense poetry, inflected by popular culture, current events, and even things going on at school.
Hedwiga Sofia Kulig


Hedwiga’s Time Machine
from a fictional autobiographical story of how I built a time machine, and disappeared.

ex foreword :
my niece of thirteen years, has been missing for almost a year now. I made this book to catalogue selected objects of Hedwiga’s that I deemed significant to her disappearance... Hedwiga was a quiet girl, and very secretive. I could never tell what she was thinking, but she always had this sadness about her...

image :
(unopened) string record (with knots, objects)

Joseph Lambert

Instructor in Art, Phillips Exeter Academy

graffiti-style, stencil-based art, and work derived from summer in Barcelona.

image :
detail, book.

Hola, perdon, tienen curros con chocolate? We have been here for four days and haven’t had churros con chocolate. It is difficult to describe the addictive quality of Spanish chocolate and coffee.

Curtis Levesque


Singles Covers

A series of album cover jackets for single releases that have not been previously released by the recording artist Frank Zappa. The artwork will be done by me with a small influence from Frank’s original album cover designer Cal Schenkel. I hope to create somewhere in the realm of one and a half a day until the end of the semester...

I am envisioning a wall filled with these 9" x 9" illustrations at the end of the semester with a small computer playing a flash presentation next to it. Along the way of this exploration I will document its process as if it had a life of its own.

image (detail, exhibit announcement)

Chung Heng Liu


Imports : Foreigners in Taiwan

Photo documentation about foreigners in Taiwan. I will be staying in Taiwan for two months during the summer vacation. I am planning on traveling all over the country and shoot photos of foreigners including teachers, workers, priests, even housewives...etc. in all aspect of Taiwanese life. [The] foreigners i will be shooting... covers all the people who are not originally from Taiwan. I will also do some researches on these people by reading books, articles, or news, so i could know more about them....

format : book of photographs and text, posters

image : detail, foreign workers in kitchen (from final book)

Meghan O’Connor

Director of Special Projects, Marc Jacobs

modus operandi
I began this project with a very specific idea in mind, to create a line of handbags and t-shirts. I am interested in design, type and words and wanted to incorporate that into my brand. For my first line I create Label Whore a line of tees and bags based off of two word phrases. I am interested in how clothing is read from a viewer. I found it interesting for me to wear the shirt with Label on the front and Whore on the back, I like the way the meanings of the words change. From this same idea sprung the line of Dirt Bags with the same idea of reading both sides to get the whole message.

As the semester progressed... I started to create t-shirts and bags that were responses to different experiences or people that I encountered. Modus Operandi now acts as an overall brand that houses my many ideas.

Nicole Pivirotto


Fall 2004
Reformation of Home Textiles
research and experimentation with textiles and pattern making; double-sided curtain; translucent tablecloth and place mat set; Lucidelogo design;

Spring 2005
Experimentation with new mediums
Heart Felt / an exploration of Felt
perpetual felt poster; bird handbag;felt earrings and bracelets, in felt box; heart felt box (containing 187 felt hearts); felt journal; felt lamp; felt aardvark pillow.

image :
detail, translucent place mat set

Brian Savignano


(letterpress) books, posters, installation derived from investigation of tractors.

I began to explore inner workings or guts of these machines while using different book structures to further push the idea of how the parts were portrayed and worked. THe books also function as a type of interactive design to let the viewer play and experience the book differently.

image :
detail, tractor giveaway book

Matt Sexton


Blood and Treasure / Blood Treasure
clothing for surf/skate culture

design of logo, art for t-shirts,

image :
Blood Treasure logo, detail

Luke Shover


Robot Warriors
robot and animation design; packaging design 

image :
robot warrior profiles, from documentation

Nellie Stepanova


title sequence and promotional poster for a made-up horror film titled Fieldtrip. Also an animated logo for movie company, called Cotica Productions.

Animations done in Flash.

image :
movie poster (detail)

Ron Theriault

Requiem Designs

Fall semester :
Shodokan Dojo : Two hours in the life of Salem Kendo
photography and design of a book

Spring semester :
design of a typeface (Exitosus, meaning lethal in Latin), derived from sketches for logo of Requiem Designs

image :
lower case letters, Exitosus, from documentation

Nicole Acampora

The Spicy Designer

Color Therapy Kits
Research, development and design of components of Color Therapy Kits containing informational pamphlets, candles, light bulbs, eye glasses, herbal mists, bath crystals/oils, acetate squares etc., (all color); kits available for red, orange, yellow, etc., taking into account the different meanings of colors across cultures. Also developed series of magazine advertisements.

Color therapy can be used to affect stress, mood and other other issues.

image :
detail, logo used in magazine advertisement

Michael Amaru

entrepreneur, inventor

co-founder, COO, Sensedriver Technologies

Creative Director, SpineFrontier

Just Receipts, Marine Dreams
Design a body of work based around the financial tragedy of an emotional decision to purchase a 28' Chris Craft boat. The design process, and the development of objects in the form of books, was a way for me to get over this disappointment.

Just Receipts is an annotated catalogue of receipts for purchases made during boat restoration process.

A second book, Marine Dreams, dwells on the less tragic part of the story, the original inspiration to own and restore a boat.

image :
Annie Kate on blocks, detail

Brianna Burtsell

now pursuing dreams in Nashville

previously instructor, Art Education, Montserrat College of Art
Instructor, Design & Visual Communications, Greater Lowell Technical High School

Local Histories : Common Events, Private Lives

Seminar Thoughts (February 2004) :
Sharing stories, recognizing the importance of older generations.
The exploration of a need I have to connect with my elders.
Spending much of my younger years around my grandmother and her friends, which I associate as a place of comfort and wisdom.
Trying to judge the importance of the present on how I will reflect on my past in the future...
Encourage the fostering of relationships with our elders.
Creating personal work with a public agenda.

image : detail, ex documentation

Kathryn Chalmers


Fall semester : Emotional Shorthand Workbook
started as an idea to develop a novelty font, evolved to development of a systematic shorthand to code facial expressions of emotion; research included work by Paul Ekman, Charles Darwin (The Expression of Emtion in Animals), and work on symbols.

Spring semester : From Lust to Love / 80’s Actors : What Films Did They Star In? and Where Are They Now?
promotional materials for an independent film.

image : detail, ex promotional poster (Burt Reynolds)

Casandra Cole

Designer, CVS Health

College Communications
Research (including campus survey) and development of specific proposals

image :
communications research grid, detail (from documentation)

Mike Colocouris


Beautiful Things

series of photocopied books...
around the themes attention, deficit, design, disorder...
all I know is the enlarge and reduce button...
played with the idea of writing a story...

image :
book detail (from documentation)

Hitomi Fukui

Art Tech Solutions

Spring 2003
You Say, They Say : American and Japanese Perception on Everyday Things (print format)
survey of attitudes about, for example, octopus as food, overtime work, cooking by males, taking a bath, and presentation as pictorial/statistical graphics, in poster and book form

Fall 2003
You Say, They Say (web format)
Expat Cats (a children’s book)
illustration and design of a book written by someone else

image : icon-oriented character sketch, Expat Cats (from process documenation)

Ellen Jipson

Champagne and Ink
event styling,

A in Architecture
book about the A form in architectural structures

development of images/collages, book

image :
book detail (from documentation)

Chris Keating



identity, advertising and package design, for a line of aftershave and cologne

image :
detail, advertising (from documentation binder)

Bill Kelly


Tim Sun’s Rhode Rat

Magazine specific to Kustom Kar Kulture, focussing on a car restoration project and a jalopy jamboree. Original photography throughout.

one pull-out quote: I have spent 1,374 hours working on this car.

image : detail, photograph at car show

Cameron Lacombe

Video Processing Engineer, Microsoft/Comforce

painting and displaying art

Fall semester : Quantum Graphics
a series of analog and digital/web-based compositions that explore the simplification of visual information in the form of pixelization and vectors. formats : posters, gallery installation, (flash) animation, I Break You (book)

Spring semester :
super dinosaur land —
game design, game package design. hand-made, do-it-yourself aesthetic.

image :
super dinosaur land CD booklet, front panel

Sarah MacDonald


Little Red Rider from the Hood
story, illustrations and design

image :
detail, spread (from documentation in three-ring binder)

Sheri Marcotti

web/interactive designer, currently at Bose Corporation

Women’s Self Image and the Media
research on depiction of women in various media, including surveys (of male and female attitudes about representations of women) at three Boston-area colleges; creation of an informational website.
design of questionaire, poster, website.

image :
detail, one of two posters based on student comments on female representations in media and society (this one by women, another by men).

Giorgia Mesiti


Know your food.
informing the consumer about genetically modified foods.

I would like to execute my proposal by making a two-faced advertising campaign. The first thing I want to do is raise awareness, followed by a point of action. I would like to create a new food label containing information about GMOs in food production (information design), [then] start an advertising campaign educating the general public about the new food labels and about the GMOs themselves.

image :
detail, ex documentation

Kelly Rakowski

art director, photo editor, designer
Photo editor, Metropolis magazine.

new friends
New Friends design and produce weavings, textiles and housewares... unique objects that combine the rich history of textiles and contemporary visual culture.
website (tumblr)

documentation missing

Ryan Williams

Four Wings Photography

Breast Cancer Awareness
using posters and magazine spreads to increase public awareness of the importance of preventative testing for breast cancer

experiments (photos better than isotype-style icons);
wallpaper for gallery show (the wallpaper depicts current breast cancer statistics. In the population of women aged 50 and older, one in every eight omen will be diagnosed with breast cancer. One in every 27 will succumb to the disease.
final poster (gift box idea: mamogram as a gift for extending life)

You can never do too much research.

image : wallpaper installation

      2002-03 Eleven design exhibition (4 – 8 November 2002)
Sara Cawrse

Identity, and product merchandising, for a small business offering polarity massage, yoga, and foot reflexology. Result: three icons and sets of stationery for the respective services.

image :
detail, StarSeed polarity massage logo

Dave Dello Russo

Banjo / Vocals / Harmonica
Primate Fiasco

exploration of several formats/iterations, including
interactive (Flash) website,
a physical mechanism, and
Orange Line animation of Dave’s Brain Guided Tour

image :
detail, sketch of machine (unrealized; one of several beautiful mechanical drawings)

Chris Dullea (Winders)

Crullea Designs

series of visuals and text that explore the cultural background of my immediate family... myself as the main subject... impact of growing up as a multi-racial (Irish-Hawaiian) individual and how different locations throughout the United States influenced my understanding of it... difference in racial awareness between siblings.
I have been on the receiving end of racial injustice due to my bi-racial make-up... regardless of the communities racial diversity or counted population... I am tired of the preconceived notions that are automatically granted. I am tired of staying in the lines.
formats :
photographs, writing, book (text typewritten); image at left, wall piece at opening (book would have been on shelf to right)
Bill Hanscom

Conservation Technician for Special Collections, Harvard University Library

adjunct instructor, book binding, book arts (at Montserrat)

Dumb Angel Smiles
interactive (Flash) website devoted to
abandoned recording sessions which — if completed — would have followed the Beach Boys’ eleventh studio album Pet Sounds *.

Documentation includes sketches (page layouts, icons) and typographic treatments

image :
detail, background image/texture to website

Melodie Henry

Dispelling the Stigma of Schizophrenia
book and series of posters, devoted to dispelling myths and stigma attached to schizophrenia, and to promote awareness in society.

incorporated first-person accounts, poetry, research

image : detail, from test-book, documentation

Mary Johnson

Interactive Media Director, WMHT
(Albany, New York)

    (documentation lost)
    images :
    details, from
    Identify Me installation
Kaitlin McGrath

Senior Graphic Designer, Amergent

Fall semester :
Casa Bella : identity for an imaginary business selling gift baskets for people who already have everything

Spring semester :
Pysany Ukrainian Eggs :
book, focusing on author/designer’s own egg designs

Identify Me (group) project : flipflops that leave imprint of designer’s own (unusual) feet

image : detail, decorated Ukrainian egg (from process documentation)

Dave Robertson

Singular Icons
I wanted to tell a story of how small things greatly affect global warming. I started with something as innocent as a tree. Then starting with the tractor I showed how we all contribute to the warming of the planet....

I made a series of movies to display the objects and the story of them for the seminar show. Unable to make the virtual objects in time for the end of the semester, I settled for a series of shots in a virtual gallery...

image : detail from animation

Gian Romagnoli

A Wasteland Paradise
An analysis and personal recreation of my recent experience of being away from home, and the steps one goes through to adapt and adjust, before returning to their origin.
Using the photographs, writings and collected items, I will compress a week’s worth of information into a book, which will be broken down into sections based on the day and the corresponding phase of the cycle.
Friday/Saturday (arrival); Saturday (adjustment); Sunday (exploration); Monday (absorbing/fitting in); Tuesday (boredom/branch out); Wednesday (disappointment); Thursday (reminisce); Friday (departure)

I began to see that the best way for the book to remain consistent was to keep the design tricks down to a minimum.

Beck Rustic

Good Lookin’ Design Co.

Gal in Charge
The New England Shakeup
music festival

Bag Lunch

bag lunch
makes bath products that smell like food
creation, identity, design relating to a (witty, humorous) line of bath products (lip balm, lotions, shower gels, bathing bubbles), including packaging, labels and promotional posters

image : logo color variations.
The logo is the basis for the identity of bag lunch. Its strong presence is seen throughout all bag lunch products. The lettering enclosed within the circle is transparent, which allows the color of the surface it is on to show through and therefore become united with the logo.

Nell Tallos

auto mechanic, former bicycle builder/mechanic, sometime musician, screenprinter, &c.

original idea :
series of posters and one book dealing with the ideas of and surrounding transience, estrangement, impermanence and displacement.

concluding statement :
I deviated quite a bit from my original statement but it was necessary for me to do once I discovered something I felt passionate about. The half-tone dot has captured my attention in a way that nothing has before and all of the experience it took for me to arrive... was worth it... I am a storyteller and a printmaker and a designer and that’s okay with me...

image : detail, exhibition shot (Identify Me show), from documentation

Robert Toher

Audio Engineer and Sound Designer (McGraw-Hill)

Public Memory
Transient Flourishes
video and sound piece, packaging, posters
Initially, with the video I planned to take the material that I shot, in different places, and rearrange it, so that clips from each place were distributed uniformly... [later] I decided that it might be a better idea to keep each place relegated to one single time-place... so that one place comes and goes, and never reappears again... after arranging my project in sections, I labored, creating music and sound to accompany the video, as a sort of musical/auditory response to the silent visuals. All sound has been generated by my hands on an instrument, my voice, and field recordings. Many pieces were written, recorded, and mixed for each section, which created a bank of various compositions for each clip...
image : detail, video still (from documentation)
Toshiyuki Wada

Import Export
Research and presentation relating to three questions:
Why are MiniDiscs not sold in America?
What makes MDs so popular in Japan
Are MDs necessary now, when there are alternatives like MP3 downloads?

format : informational website

image : detail, from website

Sandra Zevitas

The Typographic Anatomy of Garamond
exploration of original Garamond, Stempel Garamond, Granjon, Garamond 3, Simoncini Garamond, Sabon, ITC Garamond, and Adobe Garamond.

format :
book, posters (for thesis exhibit)

image :
detail, draft of book, page 16, showing lower-case g (original and Stempel Garamond)
annotations showing through from back of page

Andrew Adamowicz

IT Operations Engineer, Project Leadership Associates

Fall semester :
conceptualizing a coffeemaker that automatically grinds beans, brews coffee, and then dispenses the spent grinds and rinses the filter. First semester devoted to developing idea, advertising, point-of-purchase brochure.

Spring semester :
develop design, from sketches through paper maché model (layer by layer). fabrication of display.
In the end... the model evokes different feelings and thoughts for the viewer. So when it is sitting on a counter top somewhere, it’s not just a coffeemaker, but a conversation piece.

image : side view, paper maché model, coffeemaker (from documentation book)

John Cotte

Modern Continental Construction Corporation
identity/logo redesign application on various stationery, color-differentiate by division; also, application on (toy) vehicles, for photography

image :
Polaroid JoyCam image of logo, applied to toy vehicle (process shot)

Jason Hurley

Creature Company
business plan, development, identity, packaging of a line of premium pet supplies

Luke Fletcher

Owner, Art Director
Fletcher Designs

Fall semester :
Gentleman’s Fiction — magazine layouts, design
incorporated Fletcher’s own fiction, including Failure Train.
Nigel Waitze — continuing on with fiction, inspired by El Lissitzky self-portrait The Constructor.

Spring semester :
Beowulf — design and illustration of an edition of that Anglo Saxon text

image :
detail, Nigel Waitze

Greg Ialynytchev

IT Project Manager, Philips Home Monitoring

various projects :
personal résumé, stationery
chocolate covered raisins (packaging, label)
children’s illustrated English-Russian/Russian-English dictionary cover design
promotional posters (Aggressive Skating Association tournament)

website on sadness (vs clinical depression)

image : packaging, detail

Lorraine Jarnes

currently (2014) marketing manager for a large accounting firm.

Spring 2001 :
Why We Vote the Way We Do : Comments from the Peanut Gallery
independent advisor, Prof. Gordon Arnold
investigation of political advertising in several election campaigns, their effect on voters, etc.
Fall 2001 :
I Regret Nothing and Other Life-Sustaining Illusions
book inspired by Jill Ker Konway’s When Memory Speaks (1998), incorporating author/designer’s own journal entries; book design and binding objectives
image :
detail, from cover of Why We Vote, documentation copy (printer running out of toner); shows author/designer with brother and sister at 1964 New York World’s Fair.

Alaina Marchand


cover designs, for a series of Laurel K. Hamilton novels.

image : cover and detail, from process book

Karina Molla Litvinov

Fall semester
Riga — design of a cyrillic typeface based on Baskerville

Spring semester
Land of the Dead — composition and design of a bilingual (English and Russian) book on a gulag prison site

image : detail, typeface specimen

Sarah Pandapas

Principal, Murrow Creative

Fall semester
Shirts Off in Advance : punk band identity, CD covers, etc.

Spring semester
Discords Records graphic standards manual
L’Oreal annual report design
personal portfolio design

image :
compact disc (package similar design)

Demitri Riskal

US Army

Guitar Basics
development of a guide to playing guitar, including photography, diagrams

image : detail, Table of Contents (from process book)

Savath San

CPS Technologies

Fall semester :
redesign identity, Richardson Electronics Corp. (also annual report, etc.)

Spring semester :
information website devoted to (great) Cambodian singer Sin Si Samuth (1932-1976 *)

Allison Souza

Journal Production Manager, EBSCO Information Services

series of books on different aspects/senses of abandonment, including
1   physical abandonment
deterioration of an abandoned house, that I have been documenting for three years;
2   emotional abandonment
using abandoned photo, from an album purchased;
3   cultural abandonment
changes in fashion, abandonment of out-of-fashion clothing
worked with Ilene Beckerman’s book Love, Loss, and What I Wore (1995)

image :
detail, physical space (abandoned building, entryway; showthrough from back)

Crystal Sullivan
Fall semester :
C21 Cosmetics
identity, packaging, advertising and point-of-sale brochure design

Spring semester :
Pigeons & Gargoyles : Twelve Nights in Paris
book design, text and photography (on a trip to Paris)

image :
Pigeon perched atop a gargoyle, Cathédral Notre Dame
(from project documentation)

Walter Bosello

singer-songwriter, Oniric project

previously designer/developer at Simulware (e-learning company)

Fall semester
box lamp
light that works as both ambient light source and task light

Spring semester
keyboards and the humanity of keyboards
installation, prints, book
interest in feelings, texture and decoration, relationship of oldness/tradition and cool in design, through deconstruction (figuratively and literally) of keyboards.

website, book, posters. installation.

image : documentation book cover (detail)

Andrew Carey

graphic designer, illustrator, artist

Spring semester
Reading Images / book on text/image issues

Fall semester
What does one need to become a designer? / survey (mailing), book

image : draft page design, psychedelic processes, from process documentation

The lettering and the image were both equally important. That was radical &mdash Victor Moscoso

Jennifer Chapell
Fall semester
Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations with God
book redesign

Spring semester
icons and signs, culminating in a wayfinding system for the Beverly Public Library

image : page spread treatment (detail)
from process documentation

Shane Corso

Sales Manager, Northeast, Kelly Services

Fall semester
I want to change the world : gun violence, domestic abuse, racism.
format : posters, sculptural objects

Spring semester
series of booklets each devoted to a tragedy reported on in the newspaper (the Dartmouth murders, school shootings, student suicides, HIV/AIDS among young black males)

Nicole DeCotret
Play in the child development process
alphabet blocks, printmaking

earlier stages of project involved letterpress experimentations, also time-based media (Macromedia Director) to try new methods of design, and to broaden style


image : detail, alphabet block print, from process book

Tara DiPietro
conception, photography and design of a lookbook for a fashion brand




image : detail, spread for jean-marie perfume

Bartosz Majczak


Sacred Geometry
visionary artists, inventors and writers
ancient knowledge, technologies, belief constructs
quantum physics, chaos theory, complexity theory, genetics, geometry, zero-point technology, immortology

Kendra Matte
books, bookness — definitions of the book
asked people for the definitions/understandings of what a book is, the embarked on several projects, including
1     a hexagonal shaped box containg the words from Michael Nesmith’s The Prison;
2     demo/prototype version of a website;
3     work for the Stick Squared gallery show

Spring semester :
series of ads promoting reading of classic literature, including George Orwell’s 1984, Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, and Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame, followed by posters promoting reading in general.

image : detail, back cover of process book

Anthony Cerasuolo


writing, illustration and design of books, including
Being First Borna collection of episodes derived from memories and scattered recollections of [the author’s] grandather, Anthony Vito Cerasuolo, and
Joshua, a story with typographic illustrations about an imaginative boy named Joshua.

Joshua would yell for them to stop,
but they wouldn’t.
He would yell so loud that
his mom would wake up,
come down the hallway toward his room,
and try to quiet him.

Francois Rey

Monday Design
Cape Town, ZA

The Dalblair
book on shipwreck of the steel three-masted barque Dalblair (built 1895) off the south-east coast of Mauritius in February 1902.

The project included a keepsake brochure (set in Janson types and printed at Firefly Press in Somerville, Mass.), a 44-page book (whose text and photographic contents derive from archival and other sources), and a large image of the shipwreck screenprinted onto four steel plates.

image :
photograph of the rusted hulk of the Dalblair, ca 1998 (detail from printed keepsake)

Kevin Lee

design | processed | design
typographic experimentation, on theme of design process.

project also included technical experimentation with inkjet printer, including color (cmyk separation) overprints

My personal process remains rather elusive to myself. The process itself is always in progress, constantly influenced by the media circus... is everchanging... Not only has this project evolved into something [beyond its original] purpose, it has also become a search into design.

image : book interior (detail)

Alexander Grigoryan

Heavy, Inc.

Emerald CIty | train of though
typographic and visual presentation of poetry

image : book interior (detail)

Tom Pasquini

interactive/UX designer
principal and creative director, Lion Ridge

Swamp Foot
Tom Pasquini design and writing
Richard Bradish illustration and writing

image : Raygooo spread (detail)

Nathan stops, listens. The frog is just past the reedy wall of cat-tails. He gently, silently spreads the weeds and sees his prey. There he is, the monstrous beast of his derams: Mr. Raygoo. The one eyed wonder sits oblivious to his moral enemy, the missing eye a scar from an earlier confrontation with the mighty whomper.

Heather (Sinopoli) Kirleis

art director, designer, creative extraordinaire,
Heather Kirleis Graphic Design

  Component Parts
identity and other elements for a fictional line of products, made of recycled plastic bottles.
Chris DeFrancesco

UX/UI designer, principal at Alphabetica

rave concert design variations
    names (listed by year)

Coral Azevedo; Kaleigh Brann; Gabrielle Burgess; Morgan O'Connor; Jeremy Rodas; Jade Ruscio; Courtney Ryan; Liam St.Laurent; Harrison Turner
Alexandra Bonin; Taylor Bowen; Adela Bukva; Li Yun Chen; Lauren Cox; Katie Dygon; Ziyi Feng; Britney Payton; Chase Terranova; Devon Unwin; Elise Walsh
Meg Bentsen; Ziyi Feng; Mariah Florez; James Hillmann; Angel Lukos-Algarin; Juan Matias; Cody Pelletier; Samantha Perry; Alexandra Rios; Devon Unwin; Kayla Whelan
Mayuka Fujii; Alexander Iverson; Deborah Manchester; Sarah Middleton; Alyssa Pettit; Shelby Rivers; Brenda Roswess
Darek Bittner; Joanna Carey; Whitney Chin; Amanda Foley; Caitlin Hatfield; Caroline Lares; Nico Reilly; Tiffany Valcourt; Liv Varney; Rebecca Walalce; Monique Yuzwak
Ian Corrigan; Gina DiPietro; Lauren Giorgiades; Nicole Lariviere; Tim Olech; Dana Robinson; Alexa Szilagyi; Jes Thayer
Brittany Armington; Zachary Burt; Randi Giles; Tiffany Gill; Ari Grosvenor; Erin Humphrey; Bridget Kenahan; Erica Lagesse; Ruby Martinez; Eric Pierce; Lana Wheeler; Ariel Winchester
Jonathan Brown; Sarah Carroll-Coelho; Zarah Cinarli; Rick DeCosta; Alexandra Fiore; Ariel Heinemann; Tessa Magnuson; Lindsey Mason; Autumn Murphy; Jennifer O'Brien; Kellie O'Hara; Jordan Pomazon
Courtney Cooney; Kate Davidson; Sarah Surette; Dan Stewart
Brittney Gormley; Ashley Hill Irving; Scott Hogg; Aaron Jackson; Niki (Michael) Hinkle; Philip Michalenko; Scott Allen Mooney; Kristin Troie
Meagan Bruce; Justin Rello; Michael Kahan; Sonya Shelton; Laura Stopa; Steven Trevathan; Emily Warwick
Andrew Bablo; John Hill, Jr.; K C Lee; Joe Lovasco; Sarah Meyers; Jennifer Mineo; Kaity Rupert; Morgan Sullivan; Jessica Tari; Devin Toye; Peter Vachon
Andrew Chipman; Liya Hoshi; Allison Lamb; Lisa Lombardini; Timothy Lynch; Adel Shakir; Denis Skarep
Corinne (Back) Preston; Eric Bailey; Dave blank; Brian Cannon; Kerriann DiLeo; Rene Dolabaille; Nathan Hayward; Ben Jenness; Paul Kinchla; Hedwiga Sofia Kulig; Joseph Lambert; Curtis Levesque; Chung Heng Liu; Meghan O'Connor; Nicole Pivirotto; Brian Savignano; Matt Sexton; Luke Shover; Nellie Stepanova; Ron Theriault
Nicole Acampora; Michael Amaru; Brianna Burtsell; Kathryn Chalmers; Casandra Cole; Mike Colocouris; Hitomi Fukui; Ellen Jipson; Chris Keating; Bill Kelly; Cameron Lacombe; Sara MacDonald; Sheri Marcotti; Giorgia Mesiti; Kelly ; Ryan Williams
Sarah Cawrse; Dave Dello Russo; Chris Dullea Winders; Bill Hanscom; Melodie Henry; Mary Johnson; Kaitlin McGrath; Dave Robertson; Gian Romagnoli; Beck Rustic; Nell Tallos; Robert Toher; Toshiyuki Wada; Sandra Zevitas
Andrew Adamowicz; John Cotte; Jason Hurley; Luke Fletcher; Greg Ialynytchev; Lorraine Jarnes; Alaina Marchand; Karina Molla Litvinov; Sarah Pandapas; Demitri Riskal; Savath San; Allison Souza; Crystal Sullivan
Walter Bosello; Andrew Carey; Jennifer Chapell; Shane Corso; Nicole DeCotret; Chris DeFrancesco; Tara DiPietro; Kendra Matte; Anthony Cerasuolo; Francois Rey; Kevin Lee; Bartosz Majczak; Tom Pasquini; Heather Sinopoli Kirleis


Fourth-year students in Design, and students in some other concentrations (Book Arts, Interdisciplinary) who elect to do their capstones in Design Seminar, develop independent projects in that course. Students document their process, and leave a physical copy of that documentation (their process books) in the Design Seminar library.

This page serves as an index to all of the work for which we have documentation. Here are provided brief summaries of the projects, thumbnails, and links to course blogs/websites where those exist. Some links to current websites, etc., of these alumni/ae are also provided, but these are hard to keep current.

The descriptions of the projects take different forms, depending on the nature of the available documentation and the compiler’s decisions about what terms (and even thumbnail) can best help current and prospective seminarians find archived projects of relevance to their interests. This is a work in progress. Some names may be out of sequence, in some cases because of which semester that student entered Seminar, in others because of compiler's error.


21 July 2017