This design program workspace provides access to current and archived websites and blogs for those courses that have used them.

Program details, course listings and faculty bios are available via the primary Graphic Design page of the College website.


spring 21
F20 / S20 / F19 / S19 / F18 / S18 / F17 / S17 / F16 / S16 / F15 / S15 / F14 / S14
F13 / S13 / F12 / S12 / S11
seminar thesis projects, ca 1998-2019 (directory)
design seminar library (photos of books on shelves as of June 2018)
design seminar library, file categories (in progress)

design stories
2008-10, 2015-17 / S13

typography 1
S18 / F17 / beverly vernacular typography (F12)

montserrat studioXL
location notation relation / mobile apps

graphic design 2
S15 and S15 blog / S14

art and design of the poster

forms and cultures of the book

foundation 2D design (McVey section)
S18 / S16

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