design program main page

books in design seminar room, as of mid June 2018.
file categories (in progress)


left to right: moveable books; book history; emblem books; design history (including international, e.g., Netherlands, Germany); design monographs (e.g., El Lissitzky, W. A. Dwiggins); design theory; and especially typography
lower cabinet (left) : department archives (incomplete); maybe some McVey syllabi
lower cabinet (right) : legos; napkins, cups etc.


printing; history of printing; art (at top); some oversize literature;
at right: literature, books on film etc, smaller books; twitterature, etc.


serials; color theory; information design (Tufte, Isotype, etc.); science and psychology (math, memory, geology); some literature
education, design education
lower right (fashion and related)
in grey archival boxes : seminar process books (see also 3-ring binder process books, in file cabinet by window
other grey archival boxes : topical, as labeled, e.g., knots; )


under slate blackboard : ornament and decoration; wallpaper; linoleum; music; postage stamp and currency design; 19th century (e.g., Crystal Palace Exhibition)


to right of blackboard (top) : code; generative design; game design; design theory; rhetoric; cartography; landscape (John Stilgoe, John Brinkerhoff Jackson; psychogeography)
second row from top: women in design; design literacy, design education and theory; design method; indexing; ruins; Paul J. Griffiths, Religious Reading : The Place of Reading in the Practice of Religion (1999); Massachusetts and local geology
third row: design history; large monographs (including some typography); Quickstart Guides
bottom rows: more decoration and ornament; architecture monographs; Japan (and some Indonesia); reference books


blindness (includes examples of braille; blind photographers, etc.)
closer view of coding; design (and "thing" theory); design method; rhetoric


closer view of design theory, rhetoric, history, etc.
print editions of Vestoj journal (on dress and fashion)


closer view of architecture, Japan


book stacked on top of glass bookcase : poetry mostly, other oddnesses; Phil Michalenko books in wooden case at left


glass bookcase, front view (mainly poetry, concrete poetry, typewriting; some fine printing; two telegraphic codes; Leanne Shapton; Lebbeus Woods The New City)

Apart from department and seminar archives, including process books, and some few other exceptions, the books in this library belong to John McVey.