envy boringsquares_1 boringsquares_2 odeo desire loss drawn by tango make books open03_sideview open_house_3

Chris Dullea '03

153mm x 102mm

Katelyn Corrigan '03

103mm x 154mm

Ben Jenness '04

160mm x 228mm

Ellen Jipson '03

152mm x 101mm

Maya Drozdz and Sarah Smith

581mm x 379mm

Jen Nazzaro '03

203mm x 292mm

Elements class '04 (collective),
overprinting by Ben Jenness '04

253mm x 379mm

Sarah Smith

103mm x 249mm

designed and printed by Bill Hanscom and Maya Drozdz, for Montserrat Open House, April 03

254mm x 611mm (shown here sideways)

Brian Savignano '05 and Bartosz Zinowko '04
Maya Drozdz, project manager and production assistant

670mm x 340mm
scanned in pieces, hence uneven color