detail, Thorpe Feidt, Miss Nightingale Meets the Big Dream
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IMPOSITION PRESS is Montserrat’s teaching and working letterpress studio, and the physical center of the College’s book arts programs, including a Book Arts concentration that launched in Fall 2008. Imposition Press is used for courses in letterpress printing and traditional bookbinding; for units in book arts and other courses; for occasional workshops; and for student, faculty and College projects.

The press is located in the basement of the College’s Hardie Building. Direct inquiries to Sarah Smith.


  • Book Arts colloquium
    Watch for announcements of Saturday morning colloquia, in which participants discuss a reading or readings on or related to the book arts generally; examine work; host guests; attend to business.

    Next meeting TBA.



thanks for their gifts of time, knowledge, equipment to:

Sam Ellenport (Harcourt Bindery)
Vincent Ferrini (1913-2007)
  about   papers at UConn Storrs
Gail Herscher
Dan Kelleher
Gardner LaPoer (Museum of Printing)
Paul Maguire
Roger Martin
Paul McNutt
Robert Townsend
Fred Wales (Beachcomber Press)