Daniel Ceritto
Blue Since

Born a blue being
Blue collar
Baby blues dreaming
Arctic aura
Blue since birth season
Snow upon this pole
Other feelings fleeting
Mood ring broken
Another hold I’m leaving
Through this loophole
No more deceiving
Won’t let them have a piece
of gold no reason
Pat my back for shooting in the hole
Stuck on the 7th one
This is where all is told
This is where I begin
To get irrational
If the sky is for those
Whose seeds are sewn
Then it’s contradiction full
If this is where angels have flown
Then the course of the blue
Has taken control
Everything that’s half
Was once whole



Every artery ripped
Can’t be sewn
Every coop I flipped
Already been flown
Oh no, loose lips
Can’t make a happy home
Can’t find sanity
So the streets I roam
No more words of mine spoken
Conversations open
I’m a cellular phone
Take it or leave it
I’m bestowed with a sour tone
Click... dial tone
Could care less
If you continue reading
The rest of the poem
The truth hurts
Now the love Jones
Is long gone
and left alone
I keep a flow
With the seasons
Here today gone tomorrow
Malice and woe
Of actions that will soon bring you sorrow