Dan Ceritto
The Length of Your Decision

Souls seldom sewn
Through torn umbrella fold
Showered through broken holes
Sky opens for broken woes
Unspoken codes imposed
Morals left on loan
Mushroom cloud of blown emotions
Disposed motives unknown
Prone depression mechanism
Petty penny pessimism
Conniption for cataract conditioned
Vision deceptive exorcism
Have treasured precious wisdom
Skull and cross bone
Philosophy figure fixation disconfigured
Deception severed charisma
Condition itching into
Life or death position
Penned poetic lived life journalism
Pin striped intuition mentality imprisoned
Curbed multi-dimensional manic syndrome
Sacrificed in saturation
From short comings summed in
Blood, sweat and tears smeared expectation
Scarred marks and mar rendered poem
Somber song wallow in shallow pity free soul to roam
Killed physical to tomb rest at home
Unsheathe the weapon that covers the void filled
Blemishes covered calm waters at a stand still
Snake eyes of winter chill deepens
Piercing peepers and broken pieces
Scored consensus of pitiful perfection
Physical and spiritual world connection deceases
Life’s limits consistence conditional
Blinded and deafened under GOD sentence divided individual