Sam King
They Said

They said you’d never amount to anything
They looked at you with disgust
They said you didn’t belong
They said you were just
Another one of the same
Another average frame
Another stupid kid
Another clueless brain

They talked about shit that didn’t matter
They talked about the past
They talked about pain
They wanted it to last
They wanted it to hurt
They wanted it to sting

But the look on your face
Would not show them a thing
You stood rigid
Back to the wall
Not nodding or showing any interest at all
Straight faced you began to talk
You began to walk
Towards them at a steady pace
Hands shaking
Eyes glazed over with a look of madness

See the thing is
That’s not my name
That’s not my work
That’s not my brain
That’s not my frame
See you guys don’t get it
You don’t see what I see
You don’t see the magic
When I am me

I’m going to do what I want
Gain what I gain
Take what I can
And make my own name