Christiana Lauzon
Desert Between

The holes between her nose and forehead
Plead for my reacceptance
her blank expression inserted into the now atrium within my skull.
Welcoming her letting her comb through memories
This drifting midnight sand knowing the motion
Filled her tendons like a dance, a game
To invite this body of mine back in.
Back into the slamming words of dishonesty
Into the false faults she makes of my
Human form,
I become the stone beneath the layers
Of painted above. The layers of
everything that turns me into what I am my birth, my wishes, my
fears. Erase the admiration and glory held in her
Her words never of the real.
I became blunt and untied my voice confronting
The formulated accusations that she spoke
Like a court pure strong convincing
Flooding turns to drought with my needing to know.
I stand in separation
Two feet apart, strained but unstrained.
My feet took a step and I left her
To the abrasive desert grains to wake her because
Those particles of sand were complete and she was dislocated, she yet
to become whole like the glass that the noon sun melded and fused me
into. Sand and Skin connected all the same
Honesty Now. She knew and I knew her play had ended