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Once a Month Random Thoughts —
For Pigs are Cannibals

by Samantha Romage

The monkey
Told the pig to eat
The bacon.
I've had more odd thoughts before,
And I've never been normal.

For I rarely get
Those monthly draining pain.
Visited by an alien Mother-ship.
Though she still enjoys a chocolate jolt.

She has an abundance of energy.
She laughs
And makes random thoughts.
Then she dances unexpectedly
At random songs that play on the radio.

She's not like the gremlin
That inhabits my veins.
The one that enjoys
A little chaos
And percolates by day.

Many come with one heart
In mind.
They never listen
To the "what ifs"
Or "could bes".

That poor
Neglected gremlin of desire.
If only he
Wasn't abandoned
By those who believe in face.

So what if one
Put that aside
And listen to him...
Would one find?

I think
That the gremlin
Would agree
That the pig should
Indeed eat the bacon.



Creative Writing, Spring '07