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Reason over Rhyme

by Stephanie Serson

In my head lives a librarian
She looks nothing like me
She is short
She has glasses and a huge butt
She does my filing for me
Taking what happens
From day to day
Putting it all away

In my heart lives a musician
She looks a lot like me
With fire in her chest
Lightning in her smile

She beats out a primal rhythm
She hits hard and slow
She hits tender and brisk
Exciting me

Jumbling the files in my mind
She makes a mess of things
And lets a stranger in
Librarian you will put things right
Pick up the mess
Show the stranger the door
Tell that musician to quiet my heart
Abandon the beat
And make a new start
A quiet rhythm that's easily controlled
No wild woman-child
Walking in my library
Grown and proper now



Creative Writing, Spring '07