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Dear, Soul Sucker

by Stephanie Serson

I want to see you, you said
You seem to be happy
You know what you want
You get what you want
I want to see you again
You said

I thought you were happy too
So I agreed
Come on over
Bring some beer
And so you did
My first mistake, I guess

The beer went fast
I had the greater thirst
So I thought
But it was you
Who wanted more

It's late, stay the night.
Stay the night?
Maybe my second mistake.

We can share the bed
You said.

You turned my chin
You kissed my lips
As if savoring Easter chocolate
That comes once a year
But through that kiss
You drank as well

Thirsty you were
For my happiness
Your tongue
Along straw
Searching deep down
In the bottom of my cup
Sucking me dry
Finding all my energy
My optimism

You took in that kiss
Me that choice chocolate
My nougat now
Chewed on

I wanted to remember
How your lips tasted
I called you a liar
And went to bed

In the morning you left
I'll consume you again
I heard you say
Went to play with pigment
But slept instead
My nougat needed to
I needed to rest

Well again
Sweet and savory again
You won't find me any more
I am not for your consumption
Is my sign
Good luck
Finding your own



Creative Writing, Spring '07