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Cemetery of Broken Thoughts

by Alison White

Standing in the middle
Of a foggy cemetery
A cemetery
Next to the middle of nowhere
She is looking for something
She is not sure what
A light
Glows to her side
A strange light glow
Light from a lamp
A lamp on a desk
Towards the center
Of that cemetery
She runs to the desk
Pumps her legs hard
Tries to run
Fast as she can
But her body moves slowly
She reaches the desk
After an eternity of running
Sits at the chair
The desk is covered
With old papers
Crinkled papers
Yellowed papers
Stained papers

Telling the stories of her life
The sad stories of her life
Stories she had forgotten
About her short life
Her stomach hurts
Something is not right
Looking down
She lifts her shirt
Looks at her stomach
Where there is a ribbon
A light purple ribbon
Tied around tight
Cutting into her skin
She reaches down
Unties the ribbon
Dry, brown clotted blood
Clings to the fabric
A deep cut
Remains in her side
She does not bleed
She reaches down
Touches the cut
Traces her fingers across
It slowly fades away.



Creative Writing, Spring '07