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by Alison White

She is sitting
In her favorite rocking chair
She is naked
She almost never wears her clothes
Her body is strange
Her insides spill out
Through cuts
And tears
She stares at me
She stares at me with her one eye
She lost the eye
During a fight
With a dog
She will not cover
The missing eye
With a bandage
Or a patch
She simply will not
Close the eye
Try to hide
The dead, empty, socket

She will only
Close the dead eye
When she lies down
She will only
Close both of her eyes
When she lies down
When she is awake
She sits
Stares at everything
Her eye glassy
Never blinking
Following me
As I pace around I can never
Escape the stare
Of that dead eye
All I can do
Is stare back
Stare into
That dead socket.


Creative Writing, Spring '07