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Word/Image 2010-11     online

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Laura Bowman, Nothing

Eleanor Broussard, Two Worlds
on entering and exiting a World of Warcraft addiction

Rocco Capano, Good Times
on DJ’ing in the wrong place

Rebecca Figler, Individuality
on developing the courage to be oneself

Lindsey Mason, Instant Gratification, Instant Characterization
I sign in to Facebook at least three times a day...

Shane Murphy, The Orderly Man

Marie Norgeot, The Yacht Club
Most of them pretended, anyway...

Siiri Paton, All You Need Is Love
Pets ...don’t live forever, but their life and what you personally experience of it is irreplaceable.

Brooke Russi, Contrasting emotions with beauty illuminates Plath’s Tulips

Crystal Schaufus, My Brother, My Hero
on a brother, surgery, love

Josh Sidlowski, Clockwork
"...the cog was as old as the mountain itself..."

Chelsie Sutherland, Yard Saling
on the recycling economy of junk



Scott Bennett, Fallen Angel

Cara May Gorman, A Dark World

Alexandra Karnoff, Two poems
Alexandra Karnoff, Two poems
Alexandra Karnoff, Orange Juice, Cigarettes, Gasoline, and Camo

Roman Pougatchev, Old Friends
Roman Pougatchev, A Brief Evocative Description

Heather Reid, Ode to a Marble

Stephanie Rich, Three Poems

Samantha Romage, Once a Month Random Thoughts — For Pigs are Cannibals

Stephanie Serson, Two Poems
Stephanie Serson, Reason over Rhyme
Stephanie Serson, Dear, Soul Sucker

Alison White, Cemetery of Broken Thoughts
Alison White, Elder
Alison White, Lulu


Melinda D'Aloia, Two poems

Jason Brady, A Walk at Night
Jason Brady, Travelling

Ned Dunn, To Henry Darger

Joe Lambert, Untitled

Jennifer Luthi, The Beach

Denise M. Roy, Lawn Gnome

Amy Ubele, Much to Her Mother’s and Father’s Delight